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Discover the World of Niche Fragrance

Don't forget your choice of scent says a lot about you and your sense of style. It‘s time to stand out from the crowd. Finding a scent that you reach for over and over again is quite a complicated process. In case you are trying to find an aftershave that becomes your signature one, you need to explore the fragrance world very closely. Experiencing fragrance is deeply personal and you need to seek the intense sensory connection to know when you have found the one. Also, the base, middle and top notes combined, the concentration and your skin's pH have a huge influence on the way a fragrance smells on you.

Yes, regular colognes tend to garner compliments, but how many times have you realised that someone on the street or in the elevator is wearing the exact same scent you have on!? That is why you should get your noses on niche fragrances instead. These by definition are very artistic and one-of-a-kind perfumes that are produced on a much smaller scale.

These unique fragrances can be found in boutiques or in a special perfume shop that offers products from the best quality perfume houses and artisanal fragrance studios. More and more people are discovering unique scents and surprising blends using high-quality ingredients with attention to detail. Niche perfumes usually contain higher concentrations of fragrance oils and are likely to be crafted from more natural ingredients too. If you are new to the world of niche fragrances, scroll through without further adieu and meet the niche perfume houses you should definitely give a try this year. There might just be a signature fragrance waiting just for you.


Originally established and founded in England as a tailoring house by James Henry Creed in 1760, and passed from father to son since then for over seven generations. Creed was relocated to Paris in 1854 and became a leading company in the world of niche perfume houses. Creed has been creating unique niche fragrances for royal dynasties, celebrities and well-known political figures. And it still remains the brand of royal and presidential families these days. Among Creed clients were Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria-Hungary and his stylish wife Empress Elisabeth known as 'Sisi'. Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill both wore Creed fragrances too. Nowadays, we can name Michelle Obama, Middleton and popular Hollywood actors such as Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone, who all use fragrances created by this perfume house. All Creed fragrances have outstanding quality and include natural ingredients such as Indian tuberose, Vetiver from the isles of Haiti and Bourbon, Calabrian Bergamot, Provencal Lavender, Egyptian Jasmine to name a few. All perfume components are weighed, mixed and filtered by hand like it was practised centuries ago. So, when it comes to luxury, tradition and originality, Creed perfume is the ultimate choice.



Luxury niche perfume house Amouage was established in Oman in 1983 by His Excellency Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, a member of the Omani royal family, and it is known for its use of carefully sourced and high-quality ingredients. Amouage uses traditional Middle Eastern perfume ingredients such as Rare Silver Frankincense, Musk, Rose and Spices. The rich and colourful heritage fires the imagination of all who come into contact with these finely crafted and exotic fragrances. Amouage, characterised by its uniqueness and distinctive elegance, has many fans among royals, politicians and celebrities. With its headquarters now based in London, Amouage's niche perfumes are put together in Grasse, Southern France, known as the capital of perfume. Amouage scents are always artfully curated with the finest quality ingredients and create an original and evocatively fragrant experience. Almost all of their fragrances are sold in traditional Amouage bottles, packaged exclusively by hand. Men's fragrances are in a shape of Khanjar, the traditional dagger of Oman. The bottles of women's perfumes look like the Palace Ruwi Mosque in Muskat.



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