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7 Winter Grooming Tips from Bradley Smith

Keeping your skin healthy this winter is essential for every man wanting to avoid chapped lips and unwanted flakes. Adapt your grooming routine to tackle the elements, leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed. Creative Director, Bradley Smith of Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow provides his personal tips on how to master winter grooming.


Our scalps are particularly susceptible during the winter months, as the dry air and cold winds dry out our scalps causing irritation, flakiness and a dull appearance of hair, due to the lack of natural oils conditioning the scalp. There are no quick fixes with a dry scalp, however, avoid daily shampooing as the chemicals can dry out your scalp. Remember less is more, maintain hair and scalp at least once a week with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, leaving your hair refreshed and hydrated with a full appearance.

Post Shave Balm  

After shaving apply a post shave balm as this will act as another layer of protection against the cold temperatures, keeping skin refreshed, hydrated and ultimately fighting against dryness to avoid chapped-dull skin.


Our skin becomes vulnerable to temperature changes in winter. With less moisture in the air our skin will dry out in the cold weather. A constant battle between hot and cold temperatures leaves your skin cells dehydrated and struggling to regenerate. Weekly exfoliation will eliminate dead skin cell and encourage for new cells to come through healthier, resulting in a refined complexion.


It is essential to moisturise in winter months, keeping skin hydrated and avoiding dull-dry skin at all costs. Regular moisturising will compliment your exfoliating routine and help protect your skin against the elements. Apply daily before and after exposure to the cold.


Same principle; keep skin hydrated for flake-free skin and this most definitely applies to our hands. Changing from hot to cold temperatures will eventually dry out your skin, losing natural moisture. Invest in a heavy-duty hand cream which will protect and repair the appearance of dry hands.

Lip Balm 

Nourish and soothe your chapped lips by applying a liberal amount of lip balm as this will add another layer of protection, keeping lips hydrated and moisturised against dryness. We recommend applying before and after exposure in the cold.


Compliment the cooler months with a natural hairstyle, opt for a scissor over comb cut around the back and sides for a softer but yet well-groomed finish. Allow for length on top to create natural movement and texture. We recommend the classic unkempt side parting which is a natural variation of the classic style, allowing for flexible styling depending on the occasion.

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