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Introducing Selcouth London

If there is one essential fashion item it’s a wallet or cardholder, yet it’s safe to say this fashion essential has lacked style over the course of history. Selcouth London is a British brand aimed at providing an understated element of personality and individuality in unique accessories designed for the practicalities of modern life.

Selcouth is a word born from the old English world we never knew. A world where every item of clothing was tailor made and individuality was the norm. The opposite of uncouth, it stands for something which is unique, rare and inspiring. The brand offers a range of wallets and cardholders with captivating designs. There's the Apres Ski, Gentleman’s Stand Off or Heritage that will strike a tone showcasing classic sport oil painting designs on the inside of wallets. Our personal favourites are the creative Ape wallets which are more artistic in style. For those who want a more traditional wallet, the classic wallet made of premium saffiano textured leather offers a refined wallet of the highest quality.

The Journey 

Selcouth London have a vision to bring personality, style and character to the everyday wallet. After over a year of sampling and trial-and-error in the leather printing process, they launched late last year. As Founder Ryan Hudson recalls; "we only use top grain or saffiano leather which are two of the highest quality leathers available (vs using lower quality leather or cheap PVC). Refining the printing process to work with this type of leather was a huge challenge. We had to offer something unique, yet not compromise on quality, and after much trial-and-error we overcame this challenge. What we love is the reveal aspect of the wallets; when I pay for something it catches peoples eye and they are usually inclined to comment and say they like how unique and ask what brand it is. This understated reveal aspect is different to any other wallet on the market and something we’re really proud of."

The Selcouth Tracker

The Tracker is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth card which fits in your wallet or cardholder as easily as a credit card, and it is a game changer. The Tracker can then be tracked via an app to see where it is or its last location. You can then make the tracker ring to locate it if you’ve misplaced it. Impressively you can also make your phone ring to locate it (even if it’s on silent), by pressing a fingerprint button on the card. You can even have a separation alarm if your wallet or phone get separated by a set distance. The innovative card can be recharged and has a 3-month battery life. Selcouth London has produced a video explaining its numerous features and showcasing the tracker below. The Cardholders strike a more vibrant and colourful tone and we think these will be a popular choice for the summer and festival season ahead.

The wallets retail at £70 and cardholders for £45, both available with personalised initial printing. The Selcouth Tracker is £25 if purchased with a wallet or cardholder (£40 if purchased on its own); a bargain to avoid those frustrating scenarios of where you left your wallet or phone when in a rush which we’ve all encountered. Selcouth London’s founder highlights "we wanted to ensure that high quality products were offered at a price which offered people more choice in how often they changed their accessories; why can't a wallet or cardholder be for a season, complimenting your current style?" 

Selcouth London offers free UK shipping and discounted European and Worldwide shipping. Get 25% off all wallets and cardholders by using the discount code: MENSWEARSTYLE at checkout.

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