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Top 5 Men’s Leather Belts For 2019

The leather belt is an essential part of any wardrobe. Every man knows that a belt is a tool to keep their trousers from falling. It also plays a pivotal element in fashion too. Pair it with the right clothes and accessories, and you'll get a sharp look that can turn heads. Leather belts can say a lot about the wearer's personality too. Show off your belt and let it do the talking about your preferred style. It's a timeless accessory worn by men across generations. To help you enhance your wardrobe, check out this list of the best men's leather belts for 2019.

1. Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Belt 

This essential accessory exudes elegance and is among the best men's leather belts you can find on the market. It’s simple yet aesthetically-pleasing T-bar buckle favours users looking for a minimalist look. First-time wearers may feel uncomfortable wearing this leather belt at first, but this belt’s high-quality leather will grow more attractive with age and use. Take advantage of this investment, and you’ll benefit from its high-quality, full-grain leather material for a long time.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford

2. Lavemi Men's Ratchet Belt with Automatic Buckle 

Many leather belts come with holes to allow users to take advantage of the perfect fit. Lavemi's leather belt, however, doesn't have any holes at all. Instead, it uses 38 unique adjustments making it easier and straightforward for you to get the most comfortable fit. Pair this leather belt with modern-looking apparel to attain that contemporary, sharp look. With that said, this belt may not be a good fit with classic-looking suits. Its buckle automatically locks into place once you slide the strap through the leather material. Hence, it no longer requires you to fiddle with holes to find your perfect fit. 

3. Versace Collection Men's Black Leather Belt 

Versace is a brand known by many as a luxury name across the style industry. The company's leather belt radiates the brand's true designer quality in every way. Its price tag won’t be for everyone, but this investment will last for generations with proper care. If you buy this leather belt, know it can serve as a centerpiece to your collection of accessories. Its 100% calf leather is durable and can last for several years of use. This luxurious belt also comes with the brand’s iconic Black Medusa logo for the head resin buckle, complete with a circular gold lining.

4. Working Person's Heavy Duty Work Belt 

Wearing a leather belt isn't all about fashion and style. Remember, men's leather belts are still a practical and functional item. Look for that belt with the perfect balance of function and fashion. This heavy-duty belt from The Working Person's Store is both functional and stylish. If you’re looking for a leather belt that can stand up to the harshness of your demanding day job, then you might not want to look further than this model. 

5. Mio Marino Ratchet Men's Leather Belt 

Mio Marino’s leather belt comes with an easy-to-use design. It has no holes, you only need to slide the buckle into place to secure the adjustment. This belt may be too long for some users but cutting the length is an option (but remember that it’s an irreversible process). This belt comes with 38 adjustments with none of the restrictions that come with 1-inch adjustments found on other belts. It doesn't have a full-grain construction, but its leather material repels moisture, breathes easily and grants users with years of use. The scratch-resistant buckle ensures it will last the test of time. This leather belt’s flexible appearance makes it an easy choice to wear on casual or formal gatherings.

Mio Marino
Mio Marino

A statistics report from statista.com shows the value of leather belts in the US from 2002 to 2010. The graph shows a total of 426.9 million shipments made in 2002. With that figure, it’s clear that men's leather belts continue to be a functional piece of fashionable equipment for any man's wardrobe. As a rule of thumb, make sure to colour-match all the leathers you wear. The leather belt you choose should complement with the shoes and other leather accessories you’re wearing such as watch strap. 

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