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3 Tips To Make Your Sunglasses Last

Sunglasses not only add style to your look, they are backed by science - doctors recommend wearing shades to prevent cataracts, wrinkles, and other signs of ultraviolet damage to your eyes and face. Once you find a pair that suits you, it can be a hassle to hunt for replacements every year, or even before the summer is out. Yet, once the lenses become scratched, for instance, they no longer prevent UV rays from penetrating. Try these three tips to make your perfect shades last longer.

1. Choose carefully 

You can find the cheapest plastic sunglasses for under £10 at souvenir or novelty stores, but these are a poor investment. You don't have to spend hundreds on designer shades, but start off strong by visiting a reliable retailer for a pair - look for a '100% UV protection' label and no visible scratches. In Oakley stores, for example, replacement lenses are available if your frames are still good, but the lenses are scratched. Choose sunglasses in wraparound or similar styles if you plan to use them for sports, as these are designed to stay put during movement. Always try the shades on; If they don't fit your face and nose comfortably, you will end up constantly pushing and adjusting them, which wears them out faster. Do feel free to choose sunglasses that look and feel great: They can't protect your eyes if you never want to wear them.

2. Balance is key 

Don't balance those sunglasses over your hair: This look may be handy, but it shortens their lifespan because they're designed for the size and shape of a face, not the top of your head. Do keep them perfectly symmetrical by putting them on or taking them off with both hands - doing so with only one hand bends the frames out of shape and may cause the joints or hinges to break. Avoid leaving them on your car's dashboard or stuffing them into a pocket or bag when not in use. Both heat and pressure contribute to warping. Set sunglasses on a flat surface - and, of course, avoid placing other objects on top of them - or store them safely in a case made of a hard material because soft pouches don't offer enough protection.


3. Cleaning the smart way 

Are you still wiping your lenses with the bottom of your shirt or jumper sleeve? This only introduces more dust and oils to the lenses, while the fabric adds micro-scratches. Always clean your sunglasses with a microfiber cloth stored in a protective case, so the cloth does not pick up dirt itself. In a pinch, rinse the lenses with running water before drying them with the microfiber cloth. Ultimately, the best way to keep your sunglasses sparkling like new is bringing them to an eyewear store that offers professional cleaning services - this is often free of charge from the place you bought them from.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo

Choosing the right sunglasses doesn't have to be complicated, and once you've found a pair, it doesn't take much work to keep them from becoming damaged or dirty. Keep these three simple tips in mind, and you'll be shielding your eyes all year round with the perfect shades for you.

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