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Overcome the Challenges Your Hair Faces with Age

It’s inevitable. We're all going to wake up one day, look in the mirror and see the dreaded grey, thinning hair or expansion of that ever-present balding spot. However, you don't need to accept this as a matter of course! Many men identify themselves based on their appearance and hair. Hereditary hair loss is commonly the cause of baldness, and some men let the hair loss run its course unhidden and untreated. Others choose treatments to prevent further hair loss and to restore growth. The American Hair Loss Association statistics show that 85% of prominent hair thinning often occurs around the age of 50, meaning earlier intervention is more likely to yield results. Nobody finds thinning hair particularly attractive unless you go rogue and decide to become the next Bruce Willis.

Protecting your hair from thinning 

Ageing hair grows slower, so you should protect your hair if you want to slow down the recess and thinning. Nourishing your hair follicles with biotin and Vitamin C slows down hair loss and thinning, with hair loss and other men's health treatments from e-Surgery being likely to assist with this. Older men may be experiencing a mineral or vitamin deficiency alongside the ageing of hair follicles, so a balanced diet could slow this process.

Men also benefit from minoxidil, which was prescribed solely as a blood pressure supplement until it was discovered that the topical treatment stimulates hair growth while slowing down hair loss. It will take a couple of weeks to see results, and you will need to continue using it to prevent further hair loss. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and new hair won't start sprouting like an untamed weed on your hair. Now, chances are you’ve heard all the advice there is relating to smoking. However, it's worth reiterating that if you are a smoker, now is a good time to quit. Why? Studies on the relationship tobacco smoking has on baldness indicate that, among other things, smoke genotoxicants cause damage to the hair follicles' DNA. Let’s be honest, pattern thinning hair is something some men just can’t get a handle on. They choose options that actually draw attention to their bald spot. Avoid toupees unless you find a man wearing something that looks ready to jump off his head appealing. Never try to conceal bald spots as it's an obvious gesture of concealment.


Haircuts for mature hair 

You will be surprised what a big difference the right hairstyle could do for grey and mature hair without the hassle of dealing with hair dye. No, we are not leaning toward the camp of hair dye naysayers. Simply put, the hairstylist needs to create a style that compliments your hair’s own natural features. Naturally, keeping regular appointments means you are consistently maintaining your well-groomed healthy hair and dapper appearance. Even thinning hair can be hidden cleverly by a buzz cut or textured crop. Just to prove we are not in the no-dye camp, another option is to cover up your greying hair with one of the many semi-permanent hair colour shampoos for men. It washes out, looks natural, and will not show grey or regrowth at the roots like permanent colours would.

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