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A Guide to Protecting A King's Crown

Your hair is a permanent crown that you never get to take off. Unhealthy and damaged hair can affect your self-esteem and confidence. That’s why you should take good care of it. It makes a huge impact on your overall appearance and looks. For a man, your hair plays a big role in determining how handsome you are. Here are some common hair problems and their remedies.

1. Hair loss 

Hair loss is a psychologically disturbing problem for most men especially if it starts at an early age. It may be characterised by a receding hairline which may lead to baldness. It can be hereditary, hormonal, caused by taking certain medication or occur due to certain illnesses. Let's look at a few remedies for hair loss:

Regaine or minoxidil: This is the most popular remedy for hair loss. It’s an over the counter solution that you apply on your scalp where you are experiencing hair loss. You do it twice a day. It works to prevent further hair loss but once you start using it, you can’t stop. If you stop, your hair loss will go to where it would have been if you had not used this solution. 

Propecia: This is a pill that you take once a day that works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, what is commonly known as DHT which is the main hormone responsible for hair loss. Taking propecia reduces DHT, which in turn reduces the rate at which you lose your hair. Propecia also promotes hair growth.


2. Thinning hair 

This is where you have thinner spots of hair on your head. It does not necessarily lead to baldness. This is known as moderate hair loss so chances of you making your hair grow back are higher because you still have hair follicles that are alive. Thinning hair is brought about by holding your hair too tight, using damaging hair products, not having a good hair treatment routine, colouring and perming your hair too often, not having a balanced diet and sometimes it can be a hereditary problem.

How to remedy thinning hair 

Hair regeneration: It is a non-surgical procedure where Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected under the scalp where the fat cells are. The scalp is then massaged to ensure even distribution of the solution. This hair loss treatment helps protect the hair follicles from DHT, which is the hormone that causes hair loss. Vitamin D is also present in the solution which stimulates hair regeneration and growth. 

Have a nutritious diet: Hair deficiency can also be caused by lack of certain nutrients in your body. Eat food rich in vitamin C, including leafy greens. Also, take stinging nettle roots which can help reduce DHT. Foods rich in silica are good for hair strengthening. Foods rich in silica include oatmeal, pasta, brown rice, bananas, green peas and spinach.

Hair problems can be serious and you may make the condition even worse by self medicating and using some hair solutions blindly. It is essential that you consult a hair specialist for diagnosis of the particular problem you have and get on the correct treatment. It is never too late to restore your crown to its previous glory.

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