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Manscaping Techniques You Need to Know

Having no body hair has become a grooming trend among men lately. Everyone wants a clean chest, no armpit hair, and trimmed intimate areas to create a better impression. But the methods to remove body hair depend on various factors – the texture of body hair, your skin type, your ability to withstand pain, and of course, your budget. Manscaping is a broad concept. It starts from trimming your beard to shaving your pubic hair.

Your first step to manscaping may start by using a pro-level trimmer. There are hundreds of brands to choose from when it comes to a good trimmer, and you can rely on Manscaped if you had to pick a single brand. Start by adjusting the length of facial hair on your face. If you are happy with your beard, you can move on to the other hairy areas of your body.

Waxing to remove chest hair 

Waxing involves pulling the chest hair off its roots. A wax gel will be applied on your chest that will settle down and reach the roots of the hair. The tissue is placed on top of the gel, and with one stroke the hair is uprooted from the base. This is an excruciating process. If you can handle the pain, there is no better process to remove body hair than this. However, if your 'manatomy' has already been waxed, you will not feel the searing pain the next time. It is the most effective of all techniques as it takes up to six weeks for the hair to grow back. You can use this technique to get rid of body hair from most of the areas except your genitals as this is a very sensitive area.

Using clippers and trimmers 

Compared to the painful process of waxing, trimming is a rather painless process of removing body hair. You can use the trimmer that you usually use to cut your hair to trim the hair of other parts of the body like armpits and chest. Many even cut the hair on the legs with these trimmers. This manscaping technique is useful if you have very sensitive skin or your skin is prone to allergies and irritations. It will not pull the hair from the roots but will shave it down to a negligible level.

Using hair removal cream 

Another painless manscaping technique involves using hair removal powder or cream on the area that you want to be hairless. So, if you’re going to remove your chest hair, apply the hair removal cream and leave it for some time. The hair under the skin dissolves to give a clean-shaven look. However, the hair grows back in approximately two weeks. You shouldn’t expect the effect of the cream to last for up to 6 weeks as it does with waxing. This technique has become widely popular among men who don’t want to experience the pain of visiting a waxing specialist.

Whatever technique you choose, make sure you are comfortable with the process and follow the guidelines. You wouldn’t want half your chest to be left hairy while the other half clean and polished.

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