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How to Start a Men’s Fashion Business in the UK

The fashion industry is one of the most prolific economic sectors in UK. With high-profile schools in the design industry, the UK attracts students from every corner of the world who then remain here and produce quality products which are then sold in and outside the country. Another great aspect is the fact that it's not only women’s fashion boutiques are profitable companies; men's fashion businesses have started becoming just as prolific across Britain. If you're thinking about opening your own men's fashion business, you will find some pointers on how to do just that below.

Choose the right business form 

The greatest fact about setting up a men's fashion business in the UK is that you can start small. A sole proprietorship can be a great solution if you are a clothes designer and want to sell the pieces you make. You can sell your clothes online simply with Shopify or in a traditional store with Appear Here, however you mustn’t forget about registering your business with Companies House. Otherwise, you could find yourself in the position of asking for the support of a criminal solicitor in the UK for not complying with the law. Setting up a simple website to promote your company and include opening times and contact information is also a must for brick and mortar shops, so make sure you have that aspect covered too.


Select a provider for the fabrics 

Manufacturing is a very important decision to make. If you're setting up your own menswear line you will need to choose a supplier for both the fabrics and making of your clothing. However, if you're wanting to import menswear labels, then you will need to do a little research and visit international trade fair such as Pitti Uomo in Florence. Here you can sit down with brand owners and discuss various logistics, such as the import licenses. 

Choose a good location 

Another thing to keep in mind if you decide on a more traditional business is to find a really good location. London, Birmingham, Manchester and other large cities are great for a men’s fashion business; however, you must also make sure you choose a location where there is high footfall and customers can easily reach you. Advertising can also help you here but footfall is free.

Appear Here
Appear Here

Expand your business in other countries 

Men’s fashion stores are popular not only in the UK, but all over Europe, so once you've experienced success expanding it is a good idea. You can decide to set up your presence in other countries such as Italy where people love fashion just as much as Englishmen, or Germany which is a wealthy country, or maybe you'll decide to open a branch in Switzerland, where exclusivity is at home. Opening a men’s fashion business is not a complicated thing to do. With careful planning, a good business structure which can help you minimize the taxes and an online presence, the chances of success can increase substantially.

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