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How To Get a Chip on Your Windscreen Repaired

Car windscreens are susceptible to chipping and cracking. This can happen to anyone at any time. It could be a pellet fired from the tires on the truck in front of you or a snow stone that hits your windscreen when driving at top speed. When your windscreen gets chipped, there two main repair options. The most popular choice for many people is professional repair that will either involve fixing the crack or replacing the entire windscreen. However, not all cases require professional help. With minimal instructions, you can achieve great results using windscreen repair kits from your favourite auto shop. Below is a brief look at the two repair options for chipped windscreens.

Using a DIY repair kit 

As mentioned, you can always repair your car’s windscreen without professional auto services. There are various windscreen repair kits available in the market and finding one shouldn't be a daunting process. Nonetheless, not all of them are reliable, so it is important to carefully review existing choices before spending your money. Pay special attention to your car model and windscreen type. Windscreen repair kits essentially consist of an adhesive that is pressure forced into the chipped area to remove any air bubbles and seal the crack. There is no standard procedure involved in windscreen repair using these kits. Simply follow the instructions provided for that specific kit. Some options use a single adhesive while others have two-part adhesives that must first be mixed before application. The general steps include;

a) Cleaning and drying – make sure the chipped area is clean and dry before applying the adhesive. If the crack is dirty, clean it with acetone or lighter fluid. Never use soaps and detergents. Once the area and crack is clean, dry it using a towel and hair dryer to remove any trapped moisture. 

b) Adhesive application – depending on the kit you are using, you will be required to peel the adhesive strip and apply it on your pre-cleaned windscreen. The trick here is to pull the syringe backwards so that it creates a vacuum that sucks away any trapped air. This allows the adhesive to seep deep into the crack. The process should be simple enough to achieve with a user manual bought with the kit. When applying adhesives, make sure it seals the crack and seeps outside to form a bulge or a pimple. Once applied, let it settle and dry for several minutes. You can then use a sharp razor blade to trim off the bulging parts.

Hiring professional repair services 

Although DIY kits can help you conceal small chips and cracks in your windscreen, the end result is nowhere near what professional auto glass repair services can achieve. You can hire the best car windscreen service to help you repair any kind of chip or crack. In addition to sealing and concealing the crack, professional services carry quality guarantees which means your investment will be in good hands. They also have the equipment, materials and procedures needed to bring back your windscreen to its original status.

A chipped windscreen does not only tarnish the exterior aesthetics of your car, but may also make driving quite difficult, especially if it appears in your line of sight. If left unattended, the chip may widen, allowing moisture to seep in and compromise the supporting membrane and other parts. Fortunately, repair kits and services are quite affordable and the process only takes a few minutes to accomplish. If you are hiring professionals for the job, make sure you work with reputable auto repair companies that can guarantee desirable results.

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