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6 Tips on Travelling in Style this Summer

Summer holidays are what gets most of us through the year. Whether you are off on a lads holiday, travelling with family or getting away for some time on your own, it’s a chance to get a break from your day-to-day life, to leave your stresses at home and to enjoy being away from work. It’s time to have some fun, get some rest and see a little more of the world. Holidays break the year up and make everything else seem worthwhile. However you feel about the actual travel part (does anyone else hate queuing at airport security?) it is the start of your break. As soon as you leave your house, you are on holiday, and you should be enjoying yourself. So, why not travel in style?

Find the Right Luggage 

Firstly, don’t over pack. The last thing that you want is to start your trip dragging a giant bag around. Only pack what you need. If you are only heading off on a short city break, a stylish and lightweight canvas weekender bag can be a perfect choice. If you are going further afield, and need to check luggage, it’s still a good idea to carry on a lightweight satchel or backpack for all your flight essentials, documents, and any extra layers.


Get Comfy 

Travel has lost some of its sparkle. You might be excited about your trip, but air travel is no longer seen as glamorous. Women are travelling in comfortable maxi dresses and beach trousers, looking both trendy and comfortable, and there’s nothing to stop us men doing the same. Stick to loose fitting jogging bottoms or trousers instead of tight-fitting jeans or fitted chinos. 

Light Layers 

You might want to stick to loose cotton t-shirts or light coloured linen shirts, which will be cool and comfortable both on the plane and when you arrive at your destination. But, it’s also a good idea to wear or carry a light jacket or jumper. This will keep you warm in the airports, cover any unfortunate spills from trying to eat and drink in a cramped space, give you something to lean on or wrap up in if you fancy a nap, and give you easy access to an extra layer if it’s cool when you reach your destination later in the day.


It would be great if travel always went to plan. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t. You could face time stood queuing at check-in, or waiting for a late flight. This means that comfortable shoes are essential. You might want to pack sandals or sliders for when you arrive, but sticking to lightweight laceless shoes for the journey is a good idea. 


A scarf can be a great way to add some style to a simple, comfortable outfit, adding colour or a pattern to an otherwise plain look. It’s also something to fold into a cushion if you need one. You might also want to take sunglasses and a hat if you'll need them when you get off the plane.

London Loafers
London Loafers

Keep it Simple 

Yes, the flight is the start of your break. But don’t worry too much about how you look. Keep it simple with plain colours, light layers, and loose-fitting materials, and you’ll look and feel great.

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