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Jonathan Andrew Shares 5 Grooming Tips

Jonathan Andrew exemplifies a new generation of British hairdressing, which sees expertise and energy combine with a fresh outlook on the changing hair and beauty landscape. Not only is he Global Brand Ambassador for Fudge Professional, he has worked with a host of celebrities and red-carpet styling at the BAFTAs, The BRIT Awards and the National Television Awards. Here he shares his top 5 grooming tips for men:

Experiment with styling products 

Too many men think styling products are limited to the wax or gel they use on dry hair, but they’re missing a trick. You can create a great foundation for styling straight from the shower, by using a sea salt spray or mousse on towel-dried hair pre-drying. You’ll end up needing much less product to finish with, making for a more natural look overall. Product suggestion: Fudge Professional Salt Spray contains marine sea crystals for roughed up, natural texture. Fudge Professional Xpander Foam uses Fibre Dense technology to thicken hair by up to 180%.

Use hairspray 

Hairspray is your friend. Many guys end up using too much styling product in the effort to keep things fixed in place, but this can result in the hair looking greasy. Use less of your pomade, wax or gel, then finish lightly with hairspray for lasting hold with a much more natural finish. Product suggestion: Fudge Professional Skyscraper delivers long lasting medium hold without a flake in sight. 

Apply product correctly 

Application is everything. When using a wax, pomade or gel, take just a 10p to 20pm size amount, then really rub it into fingers and hands until you can barely see the product. From here, massage into crown before working your way forwards, making the hair as big as you can. Now finish by brushing and tweaking hair into the style you’re after. Lots of guys make the mistake of working from front to back instead, which can result in things looking oily.

Time saving hack  

If you don’t have time to dry your hair in the morning, comb hair into the style you’re after, such as a side part, then spray with hairspray (more than you’d usually use), directly onto the wet hair. Allow hair to dry on the way to work. Once in the work bathrooms, use a soft brush or comb and style hair into its finished shape. It will have set into place from earlier, saving you time and the heat of a hairdryer. 

Buy dry shampoo  

Don’t be afraid of dry shampoo. Guys often reapply product before heading out after work, having spent the day touching and messing with hair, all of which can make for a greasy look. Use a light spray of dry shampoo instead to reinvigorate your look and add subtle texture, all without overloading the hair. Product suggestion: Fudge Professional Dry Shampoo contains rice starch for a completely clear finish.

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