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Must-Have Fitness Gear for Winter Training

Winter and the harsh cold elements should not be the cause of putting your fitness routine into hibernation mode. But to be safe from harsh weather there are some tips that you must follow. With these, you can actually enjoy working out and stay on track with your fitness goals right through until spring. Nothing Can Stop You Now!

First step 

Before you head out you should always check the weather forecast. This will help you dress correctly and help you decide whether to exercise outside or hit the gym. Alternatively, there are tons of workouts you can do at home in your shorts. There are tons of workouts you can do at home such as Freeletics or The Body Coach. Simply get yourself some dumbbells and you will be good to go. If you're exercising outside, keep in mind that wind chill can easily penetrate through your clothes. It might not seem much on your way to the gym or track, but on your way back when the body and clothes are sweaty, you can easily catch hypothermia. So, it is very important to dress the right way. Especially if you are going to be riding a bike. For our fellow riders, you may want to bring a windproof motorcycle jacket and trousers with you. Just take them off when you reach your destination and wear them again before riding. Now that we are done with some basic guidelines lets begin on how you should be dressing for your winter workout.

Appropriate layering  

During winter the best way to protect the body is to dress in layers. Usually this is just three layers. The base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer will do the work.  


The body will sweat, so better keep the base layer breathable, sweat-wicking and comfortable. Things like MMA rash guards or compression clothing make a great base layer. Wear the perfect size, like a second skin. The reason why rash guards and compression clothing are great is because they attached to the body and take the sweat away from it effectively. The added benefit is that they allow better blood flow which will aid better performance and improved recovery too. Try to stay away from non-breathable fabrics because they will capture moisture resulting in discomfort. Cotton blends and performance fabrics can also be your base layer.


We like to keep our mid-layers warm and easily removable. With exercise the body will sweat so you would want to remove the layers quickly. A mid-layer with full-length zipper is easy to remove, or you can just pull the zipper down halfway. This prevents complete heat loss and brings the temperature down a little. If these layers are sweat-absorbing it will help the base-layer with its functionality as well. But of course, you can wear what you like and how you like it. Your favourite gym hoodie or sweatshirt would make for a good mid-layer. Do not remove your mid-layer if you are working out in the open or where cold air can get in contact with the body. 


The outer most layer will keep the cold, moisture, and wind out whilst keeping in warmth. This is your protection from the harsh cold wind. You will have two layers underneath this outer-layer so it is best to opt for a bigger size, for a slight loose fitting. It's important to make sure the outer-layer does not restrict your movements. Windproof and waterproof zippered jackets are the ultimate choice and a serious recommendation.

How many layers should you wear? 

You won't feel much cold when wearing these appropriate 3 layers. If you do it would just be at the beginning when you've first left your cosy warm house. However, you can add more mid-layers and even an additional outer layer to trap the heat further. Remember, as you begin working out your body will heat up and start sweating, and you will need to remove a layer or two. Again, be cautious if you are working outdoors because cold air on a sweaty body can cause cold or hypothermia at worst.  We recommend wearing more outer layers than mid-layers or base-layers. Firstly, this is because removing them is easier. Secondly, you would still have one wind and one waterproof layer on. If you're still not convinced, maybe indoor workouts such as martial arts are for you. Martial arts like MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai are all great workouts with the added benefit of learning so much more. 

Keeping yourself covered 

Don’t even think of being tougher than the cold, because you are not. Keep your head, ears, neck, hands, and feet covered. These parts of your body are more sensitive to cold and can result in ruining your fitness goals. Wear sweat-wicking socks and warm boots. 

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