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16 Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

A disorder in your routine, or more likely known as SAD, seasonal affective disorder happens to many of us. According to research, half a million Americans deal with this disorder every winter. While about 20 percent of the population is dealing with mild winter blues cases. This can have a negative impact on mood and cause issues in work and daily life. No need to worry because you can beat it by following these easy and simple tips.


You might want to be alone, and enjoy your own company but socialising will improve your mood and help you fight the issue. Going for a martial art class and catching up with friends, for example, is also a good idea. MMA is one of the best and complete workouts, plus it teaches a better self-defence mechanism. Grab yourself some MMA gloves and rash guards and be on your way. Engaging with friends and family will make your mood better, and fitness classes are one of the best ways to meet and learn together.


For many people food is happiness and treats like chocolate can  improve mood and relieve anxiety. But its also important to prevent excessive intake. Instead, go for small portions that make you feel relaxed without sabotaging yourself. Fruits and vegetables are healthier and will not derail you from the fitness goals.  

Take on exercise 

Research tells us that exercise is a great way to deal with depression and winter blues. Simple exercises like running or cycling are great but we would recommend going for intense workouts like squats or bicep curls, or HIIT workouts. Intense workouts help release endorphins in the brain, helping to improve your mood. Sports, martial art, and dance are all great fun workouts. Alternatively, put your shorts on and go outside and play football or basketball with friends. 

Listen to music 

Listening to music that you like scientifically improves mood and the effects last even after your song ends. It might get stuck in your mind; you may end up humming it all day long, helping your mind fight the winter blues. Just be sure to listen to upbeat songs.

Lightbox therapy 

Lightbox therapy helps with winter blues and SAD. So, why not try it out for yourself? Get a lightbox and start your therapy today. Sit in front of it for about half an hour in the morning whilst you have your coffee. 

Vitamin D intake 

Vitamin D intake helps with mood improvement, especially in Winter When our bodies don't get enough. You can eat vitamin D-rich foods or take supplements such as a mouth spray available from health stores.

Eat complex carbs 

Complex carbohydrates increases serotonin levels which helps with mood. Eating whole grains and complex carbs like spinach, broccoli, beans, etc.will fill you up while also providing long-lasting nourishment since they take longer to digest.

Relax and have fun 

Do what makes you feel relaxed. For many people, riding their favourite bike is a trill, while for some it might be a relaxing massage or chattering with friends. But be careful if you are going out for a ride and wear proper riding clothes like a motorcycle shirt, jackets, chaps, gloves, helmet, and boots. 

Make your house brighter 

Try to get as much sunlight into your house as you can. Take advantage of it while it is out and move the curtains away from the window. Then you can add mirrors that reflect that light and paint the rooms with bright light colours. 

Make your bed 

After you get up from your bed in the morning, be sure to make it again. This is a simple way to discourage yourself from jumping back in to waste the rest of the morning.

Make and follow a sleep schedule 

Having a short nap at noon feels heavenly and refreshes you, but there is a problem to this. At night you will have trouble sleeping, which will push you further deep into the winter blues situation. So, make a sleep schedule and follow it. 

Go for a winter holiday 

This might be the best time for you to enjoy a holiday if you can't stand the cold and limited sunlight. A trip to a warmer place or maybe a colder place where you can enjoy sports like skiing or ice-skating would feel wonderful, and help you to fight the blues. Plan your escape now. 

Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake 

Soda, caffeine, and alcohol spikes insulin levels and drops blood sugar levels. Too much alcohol intake can drop it to alarming and dangerous levels. Cut down or limit them at least.

Walks while the sun is out 

Go out for walks while the sun is out. Whether that is as a couple holding hands, walking your dog, or chatting with friends. Sunlight is a great way to deal with seasonal depression  

See a funny movie 

Watching good comedy flick is one of the best ways to perk up on a boring day and rejuvenate your mood. Laughing is just as effective at boosting mood as any workout. 

Go see your doctor 

If you think you might have depression it might be the time to see a doctor. There is no shame in it.

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