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A Custom Suit Is A Must When Buying Clothes For Short Men

A well-tailored suit not only makes a statement about who you are and how you value your appearance; it also has a unique, empowering quality that will make you feel like a million dollars. When buying stylish and long-lasting clothes for short men, a custom made, well-fitting suit should be high on your list of priorities. From the expert guidance that an experienced tailor like Alan David Custom provides, to the perfect cut, quality and attention to detail, a custom suit is one investment you'll never regret.

Clothing for short men doesn’t get better than a custom made suit 

Expert guidance: For anyone new to custom suits, a tailor's expertise and highly-educated eye will be of great benefit. Not only will a tailor measure you, they will also see how you move and take note of any particular physical characteristics you may have. No-one's body is perfect, but a good tailor knows how to accentuate the positive and conceal any of your less favourite parts.


The perfect fit: When considering clothing for short men, the key to a good-looking suit is its fit. Overly long sleeves and trousers pooling around the ankles will instantly shorten a man of any height. A suit should flow with the body and compliment the physique, while providing comfort, ease of movement and, above all, confidence in every situation.


Quality materials: Custom-tailored suits allow you to choose from a variety of quality materials. A good tailor will recommend the most appropriate fabrics, concerning both colour and texture, so that they feel incredible to the touch, drape well on the body and last for years. Some of the best suit fabrics to look out for when choosing clothing for short men are Worsted Wool, which is adaptable to temperature change and extremely versatile; SUPER 120s Wool, which is luxurious and lightweight; Mohair, which has a silky lustre and is naturally wrinkle-resistant; and Flannel, which comes in a selection of colours and weights.


An expression of personal style: Custom-made clothing for short men can be seen as an expression of style, and nothing allows you to express your individual style better than a custom suit. From the choice of collar design to the shape of pockets and cuffs, from special buttons and lining to hidden pockets or custom lapels, everything can be chosen to suit your personal preference. You'll get exactly what you want, and no-one else in the world will have a suit like yours!

Suit Direct
Suit Direct

An investment you won't regret: A good suit will last much longer than an off-the-rack version, which is worth remembering when considering the cost. Lasting over the years, custom made clothing makes for a terrific long-term investment. 

Choosing shoes that make the perfect accomplice for your suit 

If you want quality, comfort and great value, a custom suit has to be on your list of priorities when buying clothes for short men. Whether you wear it to work, meetings or formal events, you'll feel incredible and look unique. However, don’t just wear any shoes with your new attire. A smart pair of black or brown brogues will work best for a formal occasion, while loafers are better suited for a more casual occasion. If you’re feeling bold, choosing a brighter colour of footwear for a spring or summer event will make you stand out for all the right reasons. What’s more, for an additional boost, elevator shoes for men will add up to 10cm in height, in a comfortable but discreet way that makes them the perfect partner to a beautiful custom made suit. These shoes with lifts for men come in all shapes and styles, meaning there’s something for every occasion. Remember, whatever height you are, you deserve to look and feel fantastic!

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