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How to Get a Stylish Car for a Bargain

Ideally, we’d all be driving around in ultra-slick, eye-catching cars. They’d be achingly cool, they’d offer great performance, and they’d turn heads wherever they revved their considerable engines. Of course, this isn’t possible – for one thing, style is relative; if everyone had a stylish car, then no-one would. For another, securing a stylish car can be expensive. But do your research, and it’s possible to secure such a vehicle at a knock-down price via the second-hand market. Let’s take a look at a few essential tips for doing so.

Don’t rush 

We’ve all seen that fast, cheap, good, dilemma, and it applies here, too. You can buy a car quickly, and you can buy it cheap, but it won’t be a good car. So, you should proceed slowly, do your research, and don’t be swayed by impulse.

Buy Seasonally 

Certain times of year are better for car sales. In winter, when the weather is poor, you’ll find a slightly higher demand for SUVs. When the sun is out, on the other hand, convertibles tend to be slightly more expensive. 


A majority of used-car purchasers, somewhat astonishingly, don’t haggle. As a result, they inevitably pay over the odds. Don’t do this; put in a fair lower offer and the chances are good you’ll receive a least a portion off the list price.


Use the Phone 

Exchanging a call or two with the person you’re thinking of buying from might save you hassle in the long run. It might be that they’re a trader engaged in multiple sales, and they don’t really know much about the origin of the car. Tell them that you’re calling about the sale but don’t mention the car specifically. If they ask you to confirm which car you’re talking about, then you can consider them deceptive.

Don’t trust Images 

It should go without saying, but you should always inspect a car you’re buying in person before parting with any cash. Images on the internet can be easily manipulated. Moreover, some of them can be several years older than the person presenting them claims.


Explore every avenue 

Nowadays, you’ll find no shortage of places in which to look for a car. There’s Facebook marketplace, there’s Auto Trader, and there are Car Auctions. You could also sell your current junk vehicle to help with the budget. The more of these you familiarise yourself with, the wider the net you’ll be casting. 

Go for Credit 

Sometimes, it might work out cheaper to upgrade your vehicle in the long run. But if you don’t have the liquidity available when a bargain rears its head, then you might struggle to capitalise. Fortunately, there are online lenders who’ll provide finance even for those with poor credit histories.

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