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See the MÜHLE Carnaby Street Treatment Space

Under the radar and on the lower ground floor of 14A Newburgh Street in Carnaby exists the new MÜHLE Treatment Space; where men’s grooming services will be offered alongside a small historical exhibition celebrating the history of shaving. MÜHLE is a pioneering business based in the heart of the Ore Mountains in Germany, boasting a location and employee-base rich in manufacturing heritage and a genuine passion for wet shaving.

Last week MenswearStyle accepted the kind invitation to explore the space and witness a shaving masterclass from grooming specialist Elliot Forbes. Forbes is celebrated as one of London’s Best Barbers having recently made Creative Head’s shortlist for, ‘The It Guy’ award earning his place amongst the brightest, most ambitious creative new talents in Britain and Ireland.

Forbes is available for bookings and consultations during opening hours Wednesday - Saturday 1100-1900 in the treatment space. The expanded space is ameliorated with its ode to grooming, a mini historical exhibition which includes straight razors from the 19th Century, some of the very first double-edged razors, early Gillette models and luxury shave gear by the likes of Montblanc. Having learnt the art of shaving at one of London’s top barbershops Elliot describes it as his favourite service, “The calmness and ritual amount to an incredibly enjoyable experience. I’m very excited to team up with MÜHLE to offer wet shaves with their unparalleled product range designed to meet the highest benchmarks in terms of both form and function."

Top Shaving Tips from Elliot Forbes  

Best time to Shave: The ideal time to shave is just after you've had a shower. Your skin is more supple and your pores are wide open. 

Most important things to remember whilst shaving: Always go with your beard flow. Especially if you have very omni-directional beard patterns; a lot of guys shave across the grain sometimes, especially around my neck area. Shave like you're 'peeling an orange' and follow the natural flow of your beard.  

Best thing to do after you've shaved: Always have a cold towel in your fridge. It needs to be very cold! You need to bring your face almost into a state of shock after your shave. This is because your skin has been under a fair bit of stress during the shave and a cool towel will help stabilise it.

The space itself has a very clandestine quality, which honours the space, offers a tranquil ambience and has an undercurrent of McQueen 'cabinet of curiosity' vibe to it all. In the week my girlfriend has been away I've lapsed into slovenly stubble and if anyone was due a proper shave that evening, it was me. Elliot is good company, as is all the staff that I had the renewed pleasure of meeting for the second time. Upon arrival you'll be welcomed by Veronica and Cezara who will happily walk you through the products and the exhibition. Lastly, if you have time why not treat yourself to appointment with Elliot if he's free, alternatively book yourself in through the MÜHLE website.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own Menswear Style Podcast. His new book 'From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films' is available now.

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