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Why You Need A Leather Briefcase for the Office

A leather briefcase is still, and will always be, a staple in every man's wardrobe. Especially when you're going to the office, or moving on to the corporate world, it's about time that you bid your favourite university backpack a sweet farewell. Now's the right time for you to be on the hunt for a trusty leather briefcase that will go with you through the ups and downs of your career. To jumpstart your search, Von Baer has a great range of leather briefcases that also fit your budget. Yes, when you make that switch to a leather briefcase, you're never going to look back again. You'll probably even start to wonder why haven't you bought one for yourself sooner. If you need convincing, here are excellent reasons why a leather briefcase is a must-have for the office.

1. It Doesn't Wrinkle Your Clothes 

When you're going to the office, the last thing that you'd want is to look shabby. Properly ironed clothes are a sign of professionalism. Hence, the moment that you walk into your office, you’ll want to create this sort of impression and image. Unfortunately, your favourite backpack isn't going to do you any good. It's bound to cause wrinkles to the back and shoulders of your suit. Also, it can cause you to sweat more on your back. Not only does this make you look gross, but it can cause your shirt to wrinkle even more. Note also that suits weren't created for backpacks - they're meant for briefcases. Read more info on Fashionisers about how a good leather briefcase works to match your office clothes the best.

2. It Makes You Look More Professional 

Because you're now a young professional, you're also going to want to look the part. You've probably heard that first impressions last. Indeed, it does. You wouldn't want your first impression to be that you're the person who looked least prepared for work. Apart from suiting it up, carrying a leather briefcase also adds to your professionalism. It leaves a good impression on those you walk by, like as if you've got everything under control. For instance, even in the cold and freezing winter months when you still have to go to work, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Pairing up a leather briefcase with your winter clothing will still make you look just as professional as you would in spring. Hence, it’s also a staple that’ll walk with you through multiple seasons. 

3. It Doesn't Damage Your Suit  

Office clothes and suits are more expensive than regular t-shirts. When you've bought a few for your job, you're going to want to take the best care of it. That way, you're able to extend the life of your clothes. Plus, you're also able to preserve its quality. Shirts, office polo shirts, and suits weren't designed for the wearer to have backpack straps weighed down on it. Worse, you're rubbing heavy materials on the delicate and expensive fabric that makes up your suit. This can cause permanent damage to your suit, and thereby also reduce its lifespan. When this happens, you're not maximizing the use of your clothes for the price that you paid for it.

4. It's More Practical 

A leather briefcase is also one of the most practical bags to bring to your office. The inside of this bag is so spacious that it doesn't damage any of the things that you put inside. Aside from this, they're also effortless to carry around during your commute to work. A leather bag can accommodate a laptop and all your other work documents, and fit them effortlessly without damaging them. This is a far cry away from what it would be if you continue using your backpack. Note that in a backpack, it doesn’t hold much shape, so it sacrifices the neatness of your documents. A leather briefcase has a size that's big enough to accommodate everything that you need to put inside. It also has compartments that make it easier for you to organise effectively. 

5. It Serves As The Best Way To Carry A Laptop  

A laptop is going to be one of your most expensive investments you make as a young professional. Because you spent hard-earned money on it, you're also going to want to be able to take good care of it. And one of the best ways to carry it around is, indeed, is by using a leather briefcase. This is because when these were designed, functionality was in mind. Even more so, the leather briefcase was also built to be able to stand up on its own. So, when there's a laptop inside, you are sure that it won’t easily fall over. On the other hand, when you put it down, it's also safely flat. It's unlike a backpack where all the weight from other things you're carrying falls onto your laptop.

If you thought that carrying a leather briefcase was outdated and no longer in fashion, well, the truth is that you're wrong. Today, the leather briefcase is still very relevant. Not just in terms of style, but even as to its functionality, durability, and overall purpose for an office professional. No matter your age level, a leather briefcase is always going to suit you. It's one that'll last you through many working years of your life.

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