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Is Vaping Just for Fashion or Can it Really Help Smokers Quit?

Vaping evokes mixed reactions among many people. Some vape for the benefits of e-cig, while others use it to make a fashion statement. For years, smoking has been depicted in the media as a sign of wealth and fashion. Nonetheless, with the numerous effects of smoking, many are now shifting to the smoke-free alternative.

What is vaping?  

E-cigarettes are common among smokers, and many prefer e-cigs to the usual cigarette. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are devices that allow smokers to inhale nicotine in a vapor instead of smoke. The vapor contains little particles with varying amounts of toxic elements. A vaping device consists of a battery, mouthpiece, a cartridge and a heating component. The battery heats the heating element, which converts the contents to an e-liquid, which is then inhaled and exhaled.

How is vaping a fashion trend?  

With the emergence of e-cigarettes, many substituted their usual cigarettes with vape devices. Also, many e-cig manufacturers are now centering more on the appearance of the vaping device. Many young people view vape pens as a fashion statement. Besides, they come in varying colours and shapes, and you can always match that with your outfit. For instance, if you’re a sports fanatic, you can go for a box mod or a tinted vaping pen.

What are the benefits of e-cigs? 

1. No tobacco: You can smoke without inhaling dangerous chemicals generated when burning tobacco. However, you still appreciate oral fixation and hand to mouth activity associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

2. No smoke: Cigarette smoking is associated with smoke, which can be bothersome. The smog easily sticks to clothes, furniture, or even hair, and it’s easy for people to tell that you’re a cigarette smoker due to the awful smoke smell you carry. But, e-cigars come with different sweet aromas, and you can always choose what invigorates you. 

3. No ash: With electronic cigarettes, there’s no combustion and no ash. Although regular cigarettes expose others to secondary smoking, which can be harmful to people around you, the smoke from e-cigarettes is a film that dissipates within a short time and doesn’t harm others. For this reason, you can smoke in places like bars, restaurants, or offices. 

4. No cases of accidental fires: In most cases, discarded cigarettes pollute the environment and cause fires. But, e-cigarettes are friendly to the environment, and the liquids are safe.

How can vaping help you quit smoking? 

Many smokers have since stopped smoking thanks to e-cigarettes. There are studies to show that individuals who used e-cigs to help them quit smoking and also received professional support had a higher likelihood of succeeding compared to others who tried gum and patches as nicotine replacement products. An electronic cigarette is a great way to control your nicotine craving, because you can control the nicotine strength in the e-juice. Vaping allows you to manage your intake of nicotine, and this is because you can easily select different strengths. For instance, if you’re a high smoker, you can go for a high strength nicotine e-juice and keep cutting it down with time. Although cigarette smoking predisposes one to the risk of chronic infections like lung cancer and heart attack, vaping is somehow different; it significantly lessens your chance of getting these infections a few years after quitting.

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