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How to Choose a Perfect Gift for your Husband

Whether you are picking up a gift for his birthday or simply because you love him, buying a gift for your husband is far easier than you may think. You probably often find yourself buying things for him that you like, rather than what he likes, which is why below we have some great ideas guaranteed to put a smile on his face. We have dug deep into our gift buying abilities to come up with a range of awesome products which should cover almost all bases no matter what your man is like. For some ideas and inspiration then, here are some perfect gifts for your husband:

Gift Hamper  

A gift hamper is a great idea for a present and within it you can pack all manner of cool items, from drinks and snacks to gadgets and personal grooming items. These can be put together by hand or you may wish to look online. There are some great services to be found which will deliver your present such as gift hampers from Pearsons Gifting who will put the hamper together and drop it off at your door.

Globe Decanter 

Decanters are a really classy way to store and serve spirits like whisky and brandy, and this globe shaped decanter from Wine Enthusiast is sure to go down a storm. The elegant decanter sits in a pivot stand and adds some class to the room, not to mention a fun talking point when it comes to pouring out a dram of whisky.



Even now that it is so much more acceptable in society than ever before, many men will still tell you that they don’t want to use skincare products, yet when they have them, they can’t get enough. To buy your hubby the chance to indulge in some self care, pick up the Head to Toe Collection from Scotch Porter, a wonderful collection of lotions, creams and gels which cover every aspect of the body. Their products are great for all skin types and your hubby is going to love playing around with the various products. 

Multi-Use Backpack 

Whether your husband works in an office, a construction site or a gym, this backpack is going to be the perfect option for him. Made by Nordstrom, the ‘bring everywhere’ backpack straddles being a day sack, a piece of carry-on luggage or a weekend bag. The pack is designed beautifully and features all kinds of hidden pockets and storage space for just about everything.


If your man is looking to grow himself a green finger then this is the perfect solution, a cool and quirky planter from the team at UrbanStems. The website is packed with ideas such as dinosaur planters which your husband will love as it adds a certain childish element to gardening, which is of course seen as a rather stuffy, adult thing to be doing. The Rex is a top seller on the website and it is very easy to see why. 

Meat Cookbook 

Most blokes are unlikely to spend hours in the kitchen learning how to bake, and even the men who would do that, also love nothing more than firing up the barbecue and working on their meat game. Michael Symon’s book Playing with Fire is a great option then, and one which will inspire your man to gain a much deeper understanding of marinates, cooking temperatures and how to nail that burger.

Bourbon Maple Syrup 

Another drinks based gift which you could look to grab for your hubby is a delightful bourbon, barrel-aged pure maple syrup from Pappy & Company. A bottle of this tasty syrup will set you back $38 at the Huckberry website and whilst it may taste of alcohol, there is actually no alcohol in the syrup at all, perfect if your hubby doesn’t like to indulge much in a drink.

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