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Everything You Need to Cycle in Style

Taking to the saddle to avoid the crowds on public transport or the gridlock of the roads? Great, you are going to love it! But what to wear? To get the answer we turn to Catherine Ellis, founder of Hill & Ellis, which produces a range of high quality, stylish cycle bags. Each bag, designed in the UK, is created to transition perfectly from home to bike to boardroom to bar. There hasn’t been a better time to cycle. Since the pandemic started, air pollution in some UK cities has reduced by a huge 40%, road traffic has dropped significantly and £2 billion pounds is going to be invested into cycling infrastructure to increase and improve bike lanes and cycle routes. It’s no wonder cycling is fast becoming the best solution for getting to work as the pandemic continues; crowd free, gridlock free, and free. Oh, and with the delight of the long summer days, there is no better season to take to the bike. You can breathe a sigh of relief that cycling to work no longer means inappropriately fitted Lycra, as young brands are designing for life with a saddle. Here are some of the best independent brands, designing stylish kit that works for life on and off the bike:


Tracey Neuls has been a London shoe designer for 20 years and she is already a shoe icon. Her shoes are beautifully crafted - designed in the UK and made in Portugal. Tracey herself has a penchant for cycling and designed a range of reflective shoes for men and women over 10 years ago - and they remain one of her best sellers. They are crafted in reflective fabric that is a matt grey during the day and glows under lights at night, they also have a rubber sole for comfort and better wear on the bike pedals. They are stylish and perfect for cycling… and clubbing (when that time comes). 


Tracey Neuls
Tracey Neuls

Bike Bag 

There is a trick to getting to work without a sweaty back and that’s a pannier bag. And it also saves you from back pain. Panniers have historically been pretty ugly - made out of plain black PVC with hooks that dig into your back as soon as you carry the bag off the bike. But since 2013 Hill & Ellis has been on a mission to design bike bags that look good on and off the bike and work perfectly in both situations - making them the ideal cycling to work accessory. Their most recent collection is made in cotton canvas with a range of striking patterns all designed by award winning London print designers. They also have a striking collection of British made satchel bike bags in bold colours. These pannier bags use German manufactured, adjustable pannier hooks to attach securely, fit a laptop, and all come with features for cyclists such as a waterproof bag cover and reflective detailing. 


Hill & Ellis
Hill & Ellis


So the roads might be slightly quieter but safety is still key – and luckily wearing a helmet no longer means compromising on style. Dashel designs chic bike helmets, all with a retro style that are worthy of wearing inside the office as well as on the bike. All their helmets are made in the UK, they have a stunning carbon fibre helmet and their latest range of Re-cycle helmets can be recycled into another helmet. All their styles are extremely slim fitting and light, designed without compromising on safety. Both ranges are tailored to fit, via special coolmax pads inside which keep you cool and prevent any helmet hair. 




As we all know, the British summer can never be relied upon, and bright sunshine can turn to a summer shower at the proverbial drop of hat. So, a light, water-repellent jacket is the perfect answer and British designer Oliver Spencer has just teamed up with Brompton to create a stylish jacket that works perfectly for cycling to work. Made in Portugal in light-weight, water-repellent fabric, it is also anti-crease so it can be folded into your bag, but a cunning feature is that the jacket also has straps so it can quickly be transitioned to wear across the back when you’ve pedaled hard up the hill and need to cool off. A pricey £385 but think of all the money you are saving on travel! 


Oliver Spencer
Oliver Spencer

Heavy rain option 

The best option for cycling in the rain is a Poncho. One’s thighs are at the mercy of the rain and always get drenched in a downpour but as the poncho covers your upper body and your legs (like a mini tent), it saves your legs from a complete soaking and you don’t need to worry about faffing with waterproof trousers. Otto London is an independent brand that makes cycle-friendly unisex ponchos in a beautiful collection of bold colours. Designed by Otto Lauterbach and Eleonora Perez, both artists and avid cyclists, these ponchos have lots of neat detailing for cyclist… and they can double up for the 2021 festival season. 


Otto London
Otto London


Glow and See is a not-for-profit global enterprise led by London fashion designer Comet. They work with women from low socio-economic backgrounds across the world who knit a range of hats and neck warmers from sustainable wool and reflective yarn for comfort and visibility. 


Glow and See
Glow and See

There really never has been a better time to dig your bike out of the shed and get back in the saddle. And with such cool, fashionable cycle gear now available, you can look fabulous whatever the weather and wherever you’re going.


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