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How to Add CBD Oil to Your Daily Routine

With all these new products appearing from the cannabis and CBD industry, you must be wondering if you should maybe try to add CBD oil to your daily diet and routine. It is a great and natural way to relax after work and even during the day. With some excellent CBD products now available online, Justbob, one of the best CBD flower shops in the UK and Europe, is proposing a whole range of high-quality CBD oils and CBD flowers. Today we will show you how CBD can be added to your daily routine through some great homemade CBD drinks. After all, there were rumours of Starbucks looking at CBD coffee and even giant companies like Coca Cola looking at the molecules contained in this plant with a lot of interest. So why wouldn’t you try and make one in your free time? No matter the effect that you’re looking for, it has the potential to become a great experience to share with your friends or partner. In this article, we’re going to cover a few basic ways of integrating CBD oil into drinks and a few best-practices for getting the most out of the effects.

Hot drinks with CBD 

Let’s start with a traditional and most common way to use CBD in a drink: infusing it in hot water. You can infuse it by itself, with some spices, some tea or even a mix of both. What’s always important to remember is that the molecules contained in CBD that we all know so well don’t mix with water, and so you still need something greasy or fatty to be in direct contact with your CBD oil. If you decide to infuse it with some hot water as you would with classic tea or infusion, you will love and enjoy it. However, heat is always useful as it activates the CBD molecules and allows for a more significant effect on your body and well-being.

1. Infusing in water with oil 

Oil? Remember the part about greasy or fatty? That’s why. Depending on the quantity of your homemade mix of tea spices and CBD that you put in your teapot, we advise putting one to two tablespoons of sunflower oil before pouring your hot water. You do not need to use sunflower oil necessarily, but the reason we recommend it is because it’s flavourless, so it won’t spoil the taste of your homemade infusion that you spent so much time preparing.  

2. Infusion in water with a cloud of milk 

Milk? Well, it contains the fat that replaces the oil. So, if you’re not delighted by the idea of adding oil to your tea, you could always add some milk, and it would work. Just remember to put the milk in direct contact with the plant and not only in your cup; otherwise, you’ll have CBD flavoured tea with milk.  

Some tips about making your CBD drinks 

All this oil and milk talk has got you confused? How much oil exactly do you need to add to benefit from the plant as much as possible? How much milk do you need? Want to make sure to benefit as much as possible from the active ingredients of CBD? Well, this is probably the best solution. You have heat, and you have a fatty substance. All you have to do is throw your ingredients in the milk and let it slowly heat. You can then pass your milk through a strainer. Et voilà! CBD infused milk with all the benefits of the plant that you can get! Now if you’re not a fan of mixing tea with milk, that’s fine! You can create a ton of easy to do personal mixes. You can, for example, add a blend of CBD, cinnamon and ginger. What’s excellent about infusing your CBD mix in milk, is that you don’t have to drink it straight away! You can store it in your fridge and use for making hot chocolate, eating your cereal in the morning or even for drinking it cooled down during a hot summer day. It brings us to the second part of this post.

Cold drinks with CBD


1. Iced Tea with CBD oil 

If you’re finding yourself reading this while preparing to spend your next summer weekend playing football and beach volley with your mates, or chilling by the pool, you might be interested in this relaxing fresh drink. We have an essential remark for you, though. For this drink, you can only use CBD oil. It’s Iced Tea. Not chocolate milk. All you have to do is create your mix of CBD oil and tea (we recommend using green tea), cut up some lemons and add some sugar. Start by infusing in hot water, add cold water 15 minutes after and store it in the fridge for one night.  

2. CBD Mojito 

A simple CBD Iced Tea won’t cut it for you and your friends? Do you need something that has more punch, festivity and freshness to it? Introducing the CBD oil mojito. Just do your classic mojito recipe and add CBD oil. By choosing this option, you will get the alcohol buzz with CBD taste, but the plant itself will not bring you any benefits when mixed with alcohol. 

3. Bhang CBD oil Drink 

Bhang is a traditional Indian drink used as a ritual during the Holi festival. Holi is also known as the spring festival, the festival of colours, or the festival of love. As his aliases indicate, Holi is a celebration of the end of winter and the flowering of love illustrated by the arrival of spring. Bhang is a traditional drink during this festival.

Daily CBD intakes for full relaxation 

So, let’s be adventurous and start making these few drinks to get complete relaxation using natural products from the best CBD oils and CBD flowers available on the market.

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