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6 Tips for Choosing Quality Leather Belts

A belt is often seen as a functional accessory with the sole purpose of holding up your trousers. However, there’s much more to this humble piece of accessory, as a belt can subtly influence your overall look. A good belt is not just a functional styling accessory, it can also help you define your style. Just like a full-grain leather belt can add elegance to your formal look, a mismatched belt can turn your look into a fashion faux pas. That’s why the belts you choose are an equally important addition to your wardrobe. Classic fine leather belts usually complement most outfits and are great for adding structure and elegance to your look. However, since there is not much information available about choosing the right belt, finding something that compliments you can be difficult. Below, are a few tips for choosing quality leather belts.

1. Type of Leather 

If you’re looking for a quality leather belt, choose a belt that’s made from full-grain leather. A full-grain leather belt is made from the best quality leather. As this is natural leather, it may have some marks and blemishes on it. This is a sign of top-notch quality. Full-grain leather belts are extremely durable and have an elegant finish. However, full-grain leather belts can be a bit expensive. Top grain leather belts are also durable; however, they may wear out faster than full-grain belts. Vonbaer.ee has some nice leather belts if you'd like to do your research. If you’re looking for less expensive options, you can always opt for synthetic leather belts or genuine leather belts. Choose a leather belt that ages well and doesn’t stretch. A good quality leather belt that has nubuck leather in the inner face is very comfortable and durable. A quality leather belt will be soft and supple to touch. To ensure that the belt hasn’t turned brittle, you can flex it and check for cracks.

2. Construction of the Belt 

Besides the type of leather used, how a belt is made greatly determines its overall quality. Hand-stitched belts are the best when it comes to belt construction. Look for a belt that has small and tight stitching, with no loose ends. If you want more flexibility, then opt for belts that have the buckles snapped at the back. This way, you can change the buckle when you want, without having to stick to one particular style throughout. 

3. The Buckle 

Most high-quality buckles are made of stainless steel. When choosing a buckle, ensure that the material is soft to touch and is water-resistant. Choose a buckle that is simple and subtle. Having a big buckle can spoil your entire look. A belt is best worn as an add-on accessory and should not be an over-the-top statement piece. Silver, gold, and bronze tones work well for metal buckles. To ensure that your belt matches your overall look, you can match the buckle metal with your watch or cufflinks.

4. Colour of Your Belt 

While choosing a belt, stick to colours that are versatile and classic like black and brown tones. A dark brown belt colour is the most versatile and can go with any suit or trousers. The colour of your belt should match the colour of your shoes. Black belts work well with black shoes and monochrome outfits. 

5. Choose the Right Belt Size 

The size of the belt should at least be one or two inches bigger than your trousers’ waist size. When you fasten your belt, the tail end of it should extend comfortably, past the first hoop. Your belt should not extend to the second hoop.

6. Choose the Right Belt Height  

A belt with a height of one to two inches works well for all styles of trousers. 

When choosing a quality leather belt, opt for full grain or top grain leather belts, and ensure the belt is soft and flexible. These belts are more durable and don’t stretch or shrink, like belts made of synthetic leather. Most good quality leather belts are hand-made with small, tight stitches and stainless-steel buckles that are smooth and water-resistant. If you’re buying a belt, make sure you check that the size is perfect for you. You can do this by checking the size of the belt with a measuring tape. Ideally, a belt should be two inches more than your waist size. Make sure to buy a colour that is versatile and can be worn with different outfits. Finally, ensure that the belt is durable, comfortable to wear, and has a fine finish.


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