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How to Upgrade Your Grooming Regime

Male grooming has moved on from our Grandfather's and even Father's generation when a well-groomed man was one who had clean fingernails and took a bath once a week! In these modern times, it isn't any less masculine to want to look after our appearance. If you are looking at your best due to your grooming, your partner will notice, and if you are a single guy, it will up your dating game. If you want to really impress and do everything possible to improve your grooming regime, then you need to brush up on the ultimate guide on male grooming. While there are a plethora of men's grooming products available on the market, we are going to narrow it down to those must-have essentials that no modern man should be without.

Shaving Product Essentials 

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving that perfect shave. When you shave, is it a 5-minute hack at your face with a disposable plastic razor and a can of cheap shaving foam, or is it a ritualistic affair that is carried out with flair and artistry? Though modern electric razors do a pretty good job, there is something rewarding about shaving using the classic tools for the job: a straight razor, shaving cream, and a shaving brush. Shaving with a straight razor is a skill; if you get it wrong, you'll also understand why it's also called a cutthroat razor! That's a joke -by the way - you'll be just as likely to get cut using a disposable plastic razor. However, there is an art to using a straight razor, and you will have to pay attention when doing so. But even if you prefer to stick with your Gillette Mach 3 (and there's nothing wrong in that), how you apply shaving cream, gel, or foam to your face is important. An investment in a badger hair shaving brush is well worth the price for men who want to look impeccable after their shave. Using a shaving brush will exfoliate the skin, and the badger hair bristles are renowned for creating a richer lather so that the blade of your razor won't skip or drag. If using a product made from badger hair is a no go for you, then opt for a high-quality synthetic shaving brush instead. After you have shaved, rather than use aftershave, which is traditionally alcohol-based, choose a balm instead, especially if you have sensitive skin. Balms are usually more cooling and soothing to the skin than aftershave.

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Beard Care 

There are two types of guys who grow beards. The first are those with panache and style who look great with well-trimmed and luxurious facial hair. The others are the guys who are too lazy to shave and have a beard that is often described as 'face fungus.’ If the latter is you, then either shave it off or get to work on it! The essentials you'll need are beard oil, trimmer, shampoo, and balm. Amish men are especially known for having thick, luxurious beards, which is probably why Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the most popular to buy. 

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Hair Products for Men 

Some men prefer to shave their heads while others have little choice; there are also those who like to rock the long-haired look. Depending on how you wear your hair will, to some degree, determine the essentials needed. Every man will need shampoo, but rather than go for a generic brand or use your girlfriend's, go for one that matches your hair type. If you suffer from dandruff, an itchy or flaky scalp, or thinning hair, there are plenty of shampoos available to cater for everyone. For guys with regular length locks, a quality comb should be an essential. And if longer, a men's hair brush as well.

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Skincare for Men 

Unless we are regular nudists or male strippers, our face will be the part of us that is exposed to the elements more often than the rest of our body. That is why a separate face wash is essential in addition to body wash. A good skincare regime will make us look healthy and attractive, not to mention smell great. Opt for manly outdoor scents like juniper or cedarwood. If you are a guy who is a bit on the hairy side and you want to do a little manscaping, then men's body groomers have become popular recently. If you’re going to get rid of that hairy back or do some trimming downstairs, this is the solution! 

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In Conclusion 

A strategic grooming regime combined with the best tools and products can make a world of difference to the way you look and feel. You don't need to go crazy and spend a fortune, just stick with the essentials we've mentioned in this article for the best results. There is no time to lose, as there is also no excuse for looking scruffy!

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