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Introducing Sculpt Leather Jackets

If there is one item of clothing that continues to inspire generation after generation, it is the leather jacket. Finding the perfect one – especially your first – is a rite of passage, almost. The move from cheaper, flashier pieces to a premium quality men’s leather jacket signifies a milestone in your life. And a perfect partner to that moment is Sculpt, an international brand for handcrafted, stylish, premium leather jackets.

Here’s what you need to know about Sculpt 

First, the basics. Sculpt is a design company, dedicated to the purpose of crafting fashion that empowers. Based in Melbourne, the style capital of Australia, Sculpt is among the very few brands that produce high-quality full-grain leather jackets. Unknown to many is the fact that this is the highest quality of fine leather available. With a commitment to style and quality, Sculpt applies the strictest standards to every step of the production process, from sourcing ethically to ensuring positive working conditions and manufacturing the highest quality garments. This proud leather brand pays great attention to every facet of their clothes, and only the finest materials make their way into the production process. Their designs are cutting edge; cuts and fits, flawless; and the textiles used are smooth and comfortable.

What's the deal with full grain leather jackets? 

If you are among those who believe that genuine leather is the best there is, you need to read this. Full-grain leather is the best quality premium leather – the soft and durable kind that attains a sheen called the ‘patina’ – with age. This is the kind that lasts a lifetime and retains its looks and quality. Genuine leather is stiffer and does not age as well. Full-grain leather is flawless and the most natural kind of leather.   

So, how do you go about choosing one? 

Check out the extensive catalogue of men’s and women’s leather jackets on the Sculpt website. You will see that the range has everything from vintage styles to classic and contemporary. Whatever the season and whatever the occasion, there is one just right for you. Of particular interest perhaps is the fact that in addition to standard sizes, Sculpt caters to taller and bigger sizes too.

Our choice picks in the Sculpt range 

If you wanted to be spared the agony of deciding between your favourites, here are two suggestions. These are safe and easy choices that you cannot go wrong with. In the men’s range, we really like Sculpt’s Premium Biker Leather Jacket. The leather is smooth and buttery, the accents are understated and the look is classy and versatile. In the women’s range, we vote the Ruby Red Leather Jacket with its striking black metal detailing and double lapel collars.   

What to expect once you've placed your order 

Sculpt offers free shipping worldwide. Browse the site for your choice of style and fit, and place your order. Once the parcel is dispatched by courier, you will get an email with tracking details. If you have any customisation requests, you can easily speak to the customer service department. Once received, and just in case you have second thoughts, you can take advantage of the return option and avail store credit on your next purchase.

Caring for your leather jacket 

Leather jackets are meant to stay in your wardrobe for a long time. Be sure to follow instructions on cleaning and storing them correctly for longevity. 

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