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The Perfect Autumn Socks from Peper Harow

There are countless articles, top ten lists, flat lays, etc., created every time the season changes offering advice and information on what’s new, what’s trending, and what others are wearing so you can emulate them. The only definitive fashion advice you really need is to lead the pack, set your own trends, and be the one that everyone wants to emulate. And while a combination of natural talent and a little advice may help you decide on your style, there isn’t much information out there that might help with choosing the perfect Autumn socks, so here are a few recommendations from Peper Harow, a sustainable luxury sock brand based in West Sussex.


One of the most difficult parts of your outfit to style is colour. Traditional autumn colours are usually more earthy tones such as browns, oranges, muted yellows, and rich reds – with darker blues and greys thrown in for good measure. For the more conservative fashion aficionado, a nice light grey sweater with tan trousers sounds like a standard autumnal outfit but throw on a pair of vivid neon Checkmate and your outfit has gone from conventional to contemporary, simply because the colours coordinate. This above all else shows the efficacy of adding even the smallest amount of quirkiness in helping you stand out from the crowd when it comes to your Autumn outfit. If you’re worried about your socks not coordinating well, wearing compatible colours will help. One thing to remember is don’t match colours, but coordinate instead.


The design of your autumn socks isn’t quite as critical as the colour, but it may still make a big difference. Wearing striped trousers with a polka shirt, for example, may make you look a little more eccentric than you’d want. Every person’s personal preference takes precedence as far as designs go, but a dapper pair of striped luxury socks are always a hit, and with Peper Harow’s modern take on classic designs, there is most definitely a pair for everyone’s taste. Once again, coordinating your outfit with your autumn socks, not just based on the colours, but also with the design to ensure you don’t look odd.


The final part that makes the perfect autumn socks is what they’re made from. Cotton is one of the most popular materials. Not just any cotton though, the better the quality of the cotton, the less waste and pollution is created. Quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced cotton are the most important things to look for in any fashion brand, and is something Peper Harow is both proud of and takes seriously by using Organic cotton, Supima cotton or Egyptian cotton from trustworthy, traceable sources. What does this have to do with autumn socks though? Rather than buying new socks for each new season, paying a little extra for something that will last two seasons or longer not only saves the bank in the long run but also helps the environment, with an added benefit of letting you try out new combinations every new season.

If you’re one to set your own trends and follow your own style, seasonless socks – and fashion – are always the way to go. If you’re still finding your style, trial and error, and experimentation are the only way to go. Hopefully, this short article about the perfect autumn socks helps in your journey to bring out your true stylish self, even if it is just a flash of colour here and there to begin with. Explore more colours and designs, all made in England, at Peper Harow.

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