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Eclectic New York Menswear Label BODE Lands at Liberty

Nestled beyond the rails of paisley Tana Lawn cotton, the classic ornamented oak panel backdrop and gilded placards touting the most coveted names in Menswear, sits Liberty’s latest lower ground arrival just off the boat from New York: BODE. A menagerie of colours and tailoring techniques. With enough pom poms, painterly embellishments and prints to feast your eyes on for any length of an afternoon, what better new home across the pond for such a celebration of artisanship and craft?

Cross-stitched, appliquéd, quilted or crocheted (of all the lockdown hobbies you would never have picked up anyway), it would surely be hard enough to stylise one of these crafts than exhibiting them all in the one season? In her most recent Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, the eponymous Emily Adams Bode, of BODE, executes an impressively tasteful selection of all the above.

Emily was the first ever female designer to show a collection at New York Men’s Fashion Week in 2018. Since, her work has been cited as the “patchwork future of New York fashion.” Her collections are lauded for their use of upcycled materials, transforming bed linens and grain sacks into neatly repurposed custom quilts and painterly corduroys. The designs evoke a sentimentality for hobbies-gone-by, while giving new life to classic tailoring traditions in a very modern silhouette. BODE has quite literally revived all that is craft in the fashion vernacular.

Move over Harry Styles and the viral JW Anderson crocheted cardigan (though not to be dismissed for its own lovely moment of craft revival this year)! BODE’s most recent collection of felt-tipped corduroy, quilted chevrons and embroidered paisley is an eclectic display of sheer talent. The label’s earthy, 1970s colouring, coupled with the natural linens and cottons, lend themselves to a perfectly autumnal aesthetic, just in time for copious-cups-of-tea season. 


Orla Lavery

Orla is a London-based fashion, arts and culture journalist, with a personal and professional habit in menswear. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, she now specialises in the fashion business space, consulting to a number of brands on their business strategy and optimising for sustainable, long-term growth.

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