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Why You Should Consider Buying Second Hand

For years, there was a strong stigma attached to buying things second hand. Whether that related to clothing or cars, an assumption grew that for one reason or another, suggested that second hand objects were something to be ashamed of, or were simply not as good as new products. In fact, you often see such a sentiment reflected in TV shows or films, where characters complain about hand-me-down clothes being passed onto them from siblings. However, there are various benefits to purchasing things second hand that extend far beyond them being the cheaper option. With that in mind, here’s a list of things you should always consider purchasing second hand (and why!).


Fast fashion is quickly becoming one of the biggest environmental issues we will face in our lifetime. The continuous demand for new and unique clothing means that companies are expected to churn out thousands and thousands of articles of clothing each year, ensuring that they can compete in their industry. Fast fashion was born from a hyper-competitive demand for new things and the desire to have them in our hands immediately. Although next-day delivery is exciting (especially when you make last-minute plans), it is having a catastrophic impact on the environment, for numerous reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that the making and distribution of these garments contribute to global warming through the release of methane gasses into the air, thus aiding the destruction of the ozone layer. Furthermore, fast fashion companies produce low-quality clothing, made of cheap and likely unethically sourced materials. As a result, this clothing will likely not last very long. So, why don’t you consider buying clothes second hand? Whether that means you visit a local charity shop or a vintage store, you will be surprised to see the great items of clothing they have on offer. Although styles are constantly changing, you’d be surprised about how many items return to popularity after a few years - meaning vintage shops are treasure troves for statement pieces and ageless style. Even better, this means you are working towards becoming a sustainable shopper. Second hand clothes are usually cheaper than buying them new, meaning you can afford to update your wardrobe more frequently. Apps such as Depop or Thrift+, which allow you to sell and purchase second hand clothing and accessories are also a great step forward in regards to sustainable fashion and trying something new. You may even find designer clothing that somebody no longer needs for a brilliant price that won’t break the bank in the way that designer clothing usually does.



Whether you are moving to a new house or fancy changing up your living room a little bit, a new piece of furniture can change the entire feel of a room and leave you feeling as though you have re-renovated completely. However, you don’t always need to purchase furniture when it is brand new and expensive. Although you can easily see what the sales have to offer, sometimes, pre-loved pieces, such as antique lamps or traditional armchairs bring a lot of character to a room. Remember, vintage stores often sell far more than just clothing, meaning you could also find your dream furniture within them. If you find an item that needs a little love or TLC, you can always renovate it, making old furniture look like new. Another great way to find high-quality furniture for a more affordable price is to look at online groups, such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, where people sell the furniture they are no longer using or need. Sometimes, you may even find some items on these platforms listed for free, so long as you can collect them yourself. The seller usually provides in-depth information on the quality of the product, therefore you know beforehand whether the item is like new or has a few scuffs and scratches. Don’t be afraid to ask for more photographs of the product if you are unsure about the quality of the item in question. However, buying a product through this channel can save you valuable money in the long run, especially when lots of high-quality furniture is thrown away each year.



Whether you are a practised driver with years of experience on the road or you have just passed your test, when you’re buying a car there is always a voice inside your head that encourages you to buy a brand-new vehicle, despite the fact that it is much more expensive. This is unsurprising, as there is something innately satisfying about driving a car that has not been driven by anyone else. However, when considering the amount of money you will spend on a car, you should consider whether a new car is worth the extra cost. It’s important to remember that a new car loses almost half of its value in the first three years and some lose their value even faster. In addition to the purchase of the car, you also have to consider other factors such as insurance prices and running costs (fuel and diesel). Used Vauxhall cars provide you with excellent value for money when buying a second hand car, ensuring that you receive a high-quality car for a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. When purchasing from a company such as the Pentagon group, you can get behind the wheel knowing that all of their pre-used cars have been properly tested to ensure that they drive smoothly and safely. They ensure that the vehicles on sale are reliable, easy to drive, and easy to maintain - taking away some of the worries that come alongside buying a car from the outset.


It's no secret that purchasing electronics, such as laptops and computers can be expensive. Whether you need them to study or when working from home, or you simply want a new device to stream your favourite Netflix show from, it is important that you understand you’ll have to spend a little bit of money to buy a good quality product. Remember, you will be using them near enough every day, so it is worth the investment. However, a great way to cut out some of the extra costs associated with buying electronics is to buy them second hand. Many stores, both online and in-person, sell second hand laptops or computers that have been returned to them from previous users. When purchasing from these companies, you can be assured that they will have tested the device thoroughly to ensure it is suitable for use and won’t stop working within the week or buying it.

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