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New Trends in Men's Underwear

Men’s underwear has gone through a whirlwind of change. Evolving from loin cloths in ancient history to what we know today with briefs and boxers, men’s underwear has seen it all. Here, we unpack all the latest men’s underwear styles, fashion and trends.

Boxer briefs 

Do you prefer boxers or briefs? Boxers for men are loose-fitting. They provide less support in the front line than briefs. However, boxers offer broader coverage of the thighs and the leg. This undergarment is more breathable than the rest, keeping the private well-ventilated. On the other hand, briefs are more supportive than boxers because of a tighter fit that contours the shape and body of the butt and front areas. 

Whether you prefer boxers or briefs, there’s plenty of colour and design options to choose from online or in physical stores. Choosing boxer briefs provides you with the advantages of boxers and briefs. So, what are the benefits of wearing boxer briefs? 

Whether you're attending a formal occasion or a night with your friends, boxer briefs allow you to wear skinny, slim, or straight bottoms. You can wear boxer briefs with anything from tailored dress pants and straight-cut chinos to slim-fitting jeans. Hence, boxer briefs are highly favoured by many teenagers, young professionals, and active lifestyle enthusiasts. More and more men are making the change to boxer briefs. A hybrid of briefs and boxers, boxer briefs offer the best of both worlds giving you the safety and security of briefs, but also, the comfortability and flexibility of boxers, without the chafing. Win win. Boxer briefs come in a different array of price points, styles, prints and colours, so it’s all up to you to choose, depending on your budget and personal preference. You simply can’t go wrong with a decent pair of boxer briefs.

Hamilton and Hare
Hamilton and Hare

Colour, bold prints 

Let’s face it, 2020 is definitely not what we had envisaged. With the Coronavirus pandemic changing the course of the world, travel and our day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder men and their partners have been wearing and gifting colourful underwear with bold prints and eclectic styles to bring a bit of joy into 2020. Choose prints, designs and colours that you might not have necessarily chosen in the past to inject a bit of fun, life and personality into your underwear collection. Colourful underwear is also a great way of showing off and enhancing what you’ve got; the right colour in the right spot can redefine the contours and shape of your crotch. 

Don’t hesitate to express yourself with bold and colourful prints of men’s underwear pieces to complete your collection. Many underwear online stores offer a wide array of fun and cool designs that suits every budget, allowing you to shop with convenience.  

Pouch support technology 

We’ve also seen a growing number of men switch to underwear that offer clever pouch support. Adjustable, anti-chafing and moisture-wicking, this type of men’s underwear aims to provide good support and lift. They’re not only perfect for a wide range of occupations including athletes, military personnel, warehouse workers, equestrian riders and more, but they’re also suited to everyday wear. One of our favourite men’s underwear brands that offers pouch support is Athletic Underwear.


Bamboo materials  

Another emerging trend we’ve noticed this year is bamboo. More and more brands are offering men bamboo-made underwear and we couldn’t be happier. Bamboo is not only better for the environment as it’s biodegradable and natural, it also makes the underwear silky-soft, hypoallergenic and odour resistant. Bamboo fabric is made of cellulose fibre extracted from natural bamboo. Textiles with a bamboo-made label is generally synthetic rayon extracted from bamboo. Bamboo fabric outlasts cotton when it comes to durability, shape, and strength. It’s safe to say that bamboo fabric has earned the respect of men. While there’s no conclusive study available, this underwear material is also popular for its claimed antibacterial properties. Because the world is currently battling various sorts of viruses, like the current pandemic, men should be wary about their overall health. Thus, they consider buying underwear made out of bamboo material. Bamboo underwear is suitable to wear when playing sports or when engaging in other intense physical activities. It can withstand the pressure, sweat, and impacts caused by sudden movements. Also, bamboo fabric can absorb and wick moisture away, keeping men comfortable. We’ve seen how bamboo underwear emerged into men’s world. For instance, underwear such as these men boxers from Bamboo could be a great choice as they offer superior comfort and support.  

Luxury men’s underwear 

Hey, like we said, 2020 has not been our year. Why not treat yourself to a luxury designer brand of men’s underwear? Impossibly soft, sexy and stylish, they make the perfect gift no matter the time of year. If you’ve got the money and the means, we love brands like Sixtine's, JustWears, Bamigo, McAlson and Hamilton and Hare who are offering Made to Measure boxer shorts.


Silk styles  

Continuing the line of luxurious men’s underwear, silk is another popular style in 2020. Another natural fabric like bamboo, silk is great for temperature regulation. Not only does it absorb moisture, it’s a highly breathable fabric that helps to keep your manhood cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a great material for sensitive skin types. 


As you can see, the new trends in men’s underwear are really suitable for modern, active, and more fashionable and health-conscious males. Choosing the perfect men’s underwear, one must consider utmost comfort, durability, and style. None of these factors should be left behind because men deserve only the best for them to keep going.

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