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Common Fibers Wallets Offer an Uncommon Approach to Carbon Fiber

It’s easy to call carbon fiber the “do everything” compound. It’s stronger than steel – five times, to be exact – and delivers a stiffer construction, yet also manages to be significantly lighter. In turn, more and more manufacturers have been seeking it out for parts. On the fashion and accessories end, carbon fibers can also be woven into extremely durable, high-tensile textiles, thanks to strands five to 10 micrometers in diameter.

These properties ultimately inspired Common Fibers to introduce a carbon fiber wallet in 2013, based on their innovative, proprietary CF-Flex hinge. Today, that idea has manifested into a series of wallets that blend the durability and advanced engineering of carbon fiber with classic, stylish construction.

About Common Fibers 

Based in Seattle, WA and manufacturing all products in the U.S., Common Fibers is a carbon fiber fabrication facility crafting parts and components for a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, and marine, and aiming to advance its applications. The concept for a carbon fiber wallet emerged back in 2013. Founders Ann and Gabe Mountjoy brainstormed ways to make carbon fiber more casual and, from here, launched a Kickstarter campaign to craft premium carbon fiber wallets. At the heart of these designs was the CF-Flex hinge, the world’s first carbon fiber hinge. Following the campaign, Common Fibers ended up selling 3,000 wallets during its first month, spurred partially by demand from the everyday carry community. For those unfamiliar with the name or acronym, everyday carry, or EDC, applies to a group of items an individual carries on them at all times to be prepared for a spectrum of situations – practical to dangerous – and are often utilitarian in nature to solve a range of issues. Common Fibers’ carbon fiber wallets fit the bill through durable construction designed to withstand the rigors of long-term use and take into account the latest scientific and technical advances. Not settling for just any material, the team at Common Fibers strives to utilize high-performance composites from traceable sources that pass their meticulous quality standards. From this foundation, Common Fibers expanded their offerings and services, transforming into a full-service fabrication facility that can design parts for medical devices and even supercars and upcycle carbon fiber for more sustainable applications. Today, they sell over 150 product SKUs across the globe and support their line with a lifetime replacement program.

CF-Lex Hinge Technology 

CF-Lex Hinge Technology forms the backbone of Common Fibers’ products, including its wallets. Its emergence was, to some degree, through chance: As engineering students, the team that would go onto form Common Fibers continued to dream up and develop new ideas for carbon fiber-based products, and discovered that a majority of them needed hinge functionality. At the time, a carbon fiber hinge didn’t appear to exist on a wide, accessible scale, so they sought to devise one themselves. After a few years of testing and experimenting, they discovered that while the epoxy resin used for carbon fiber can burn at low temperatures, it takes heat up to 3,000° C to affect the individual strands. Initially, they separated these components with a blow torch, but it took the precision of a CNC laser to repeat the process with a degree of consistency and accuracy. While the team realized this technical innovation could be used through a number of applications, they acknowledged its newness and lack of testing, and decided to introduce it to a broader market through wallets. The MAX is Common Fibers’ original wallet, weighing just 1.7 oz. while offering extremely durable, features-packed construction and a slim, out-of-the-way profile. Attesting to its functional nature that suits the everyday carry community’s needs, the MAX offers six standalone and two hidden pockets designed for eight cards and various notes and receipts, and provides an inconspicuous solution for those who always carry cash with them. Setting the template for all other carbon fiber wallets to follow, the MAX’s patented hinge is protected by PPE film, its body is constructed with 100-percent aerospace-grade will carbon fiber and nylon ripstop fabric, and it offers RFID-blocking capabilities.

About the LMX Wallet  

Beginning where the MAX left off, the LMX wallet represents the next generation of Common Fibers wallets. Measuring 3.4 x 4.3 inches, it begins with a classic bifold design large enough to hold cash and eight credit cards. For strength and longevity, the full exterior of the LMX is aerospace-grade carbon fiber, from the hinge all the way out to the edge. The result, however, won’t come off as a doppelganger for a stainless steel wallet, though. Instead, as you’ll notice, quality top grain leather and suede give it a luxurious yet rugged and timeless appearance, embodying the precise confluence of classic style and utilitarian function. Carbon fiber then finishes it with a glossy appearance. As with the MAX, the LMX meets the demands, versatility, and strength needed for everyday carry and provides RFID-blocking capabilities to protect your financial and personal information. 

Black Friday Deal 

With Black Friday here, now’s the time to find a deal on an essential that’ll give you years of use – and continue to look sharp all the way through. That’s why Common Fibers is offering up to 50% off all wallets and accessories from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Plus, if you spend at least $75, you get a free carbon fiber bottle opener at checkout. 


Ivan Yaskey

Philadelphia’s streetwear scenes and working as a copywriter for a Boston-based menswear brand sparked Ivan's passion for fashion and style more than a decade ago.

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