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Supima Cotton Socks: The Perfect Stay at Home Style

We are well into the new year and there has never been more emphasis on working from home than now, and while it might be easy to slip into bad habits as far as your outfit goes, hopefully this will help inspire you to dress for absolute comfort while still staying as stylish as ever.

Why Supima? 

You might have seen the word Supima on occasion, this cotton is world renowned for its long thread, but more importantly, its softness and durability. Add to this the fact that Supima cotton is one of the rarest types of cotton, representing less than 1% of the total cotton grown in the world. These important factors translate into some of the softest, most vibrant and highest quality socks you could own. This means that not only will your outfit look dapper from the ground up time after time, but your socks will last significantly longer – reducing waste, because sustainability is just as important. Peper Harow offers contemporary twists on classic designs, and timeless styles that never go out of fashion. These luxury men’s socks are perfect for stay-at-home style or for any occasion.

Dress for Success 

It’s easy to neglect your sense of style for the comforts of those baggy “at home” clothes but dressing for success is one of the best ways to stay in a positive, productive mindset. Enter the ever-stylish Houndstooth, this classic design has historically always been a symbol of the upper-class echelons of society. Combine that with the vibrance of Peper Harow and you have yourself the finest men’s luxury socks. These eye-catching socks merge impeccable style with true luxurious comfort because when you dress for success – even at home – you should not have to sacrifice comfort.

Timeless Polka Style 

Coming in many different types, from small to large, solid or multicoloured, the polka dot is a pattern that’s recognisable around the world and is, surprisingly, around three hundred years old. If that’s not timeless we don’t know what is! Three hundred years of fashion can’t be wrong, and this is no exception to the Pin Polka design. With the addition of the timeless style, these luxury men’s socks are made from Supima cotton as well, so not only will the design last, but the socks will also. As elegant as it is versatile, Pin Polka men’s socks are a striking addition to your (at-home) office attire or are even perfect for an outing to the shops or a walk around town.

Contemporary Luxury 

If you’re considering a personal reinvention of yourself in the new year, wanting to update your wardrobe, or are just a sock lover, it’s always better to go for quality. There are few types of cotton that are as good as, or better than, Supima, both in quality and sustainability. And with such a vast collection of contemporary luxury socks for men, choice is not wanting with the vibrant colours, modern (or timeless) designs and impeccable quality that is Peper Harow socks.

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