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The Top 5 Beard Styles for 2021

Have you been growing a quarantine beard? Maybe you are just looking to change up your beard style and would like to know the top five beard styles for 2021. Whatever style you are currently rocking, I am sure one of these top trending beard styles would fill your beard with confidence. We have put this guide together with help from our friend Connor, the Founder of Man Made Beard Company. They're based in the UK and supply nothing but top-quality beard care products. So, with his knowledge and experience within the beard care industry, we are excited to introduce you to the most popular beards you will see this year.

1. The Quarantine Beard   

On a yearly basis, some people like to grow a beard (known as yeard in the beard community). 2020 was the year everyone had to go into lockdown due to Covid-19. Whilst many men participate in growing a Yeard, the introduction of lockdown has meant lots of guys have decided to grow there beard out. I have seen some wild beard styles admittedly but all awesome in their very own way. 2020 has been the year of knowledge, where we've gone all out to spread the best tips and tricks to give you the confidence of being the proud owner of a strong beard. 

2. Well Groomed Beard  

Now, the main reason this is my favourite is because this is the style I like to rock. If you are wanting to style your beard like this, you need a decent beard grooming kit. This look does take a little maintenance but with the right products, beard care can be made easy. The business beard style is on the rise in the beard world. Use beard oil for your skin beneath and apply beard balm to tame your hair, and touch up with beard care essentials. You most certainly will need to make this part of your morning routine.

3. The Hipster Beard  

Yes, the hipster look is still very much in and probably the one that triggered the increase in more people sporting a beard in 2020. Again, this style does take maintenance, having to use beard oil, balm and essentials which include a beard trimmer. So as mentioned before, this will need a lot more time than most, but it does stand out from the crowd. The Hipster look is still very well respected and loved by many.

4. The Viking Beard 

Chris Hemsworth took the world by storm with his Viking styled beard seen in the Marvel films and his very own Thor movie. With the rise in demand for this style, many chaps have taken to social media platforms and even made personalised Viking user accounts. All taking pride and pure class in their beards, looking like modern-day Vikings. Viking’s in general have been on trend massively in 2020, with many fans collecting axes, swords, clothing and jewellery representative of this period. 

5. The Short Beard (Long Stubble) 

Yes, Ben Affleck even rocks the stylish short beard look. It's like the simple stubble style but a little longer. The good news is it is a sweet and simple style which is minimal to maintain. Beard oil is all you need to keep your skin and hair well hydrated. This is also a lot easier to clean as you can get closer to the skin, and you'll find it reassuring that this is the most common beard style within the office environment.

I have to give a shout out to Albus Dumbledore. This is not a trend; this is more of the ultimate commitment to one’s beard. Never budging from the top of the ranks, having a beard this long takes years and a lot of maintenance with buckets of beard oil and beard balm. Many men tend to plait this up using a hair band and a treble knot. Surely any man with a beard can fully respect a beard with such length. If you would like to dig deeper with your beard research to ensure you keep on top of your beard game, read this article. Otherwise Click Here for beard care made in the UK.

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