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The 4 Most Essential Tools for a Mobile Hairdresser

These days, hairdressing can be a very tempting and well-paid career for people to decide to pursue. However, opening your own hairdresser salon is bound to cost a lot of money. You would need a fair-sized budget to spend on rent and bills, not to mention all the professional hairdresser tools you would have to buy. Luckily, for those who wish to become a hairdresser but don't want to limit their services to one location, there's a great solution: mobile services. A mobile hairdresser travels from one customer to another with their car, doesn't waste time waiting for the customers in the salon, and saves money on rent expenses. Besides some fuel money and a functioning vehicle, the only thing needed is a basic hairdresser tool kit. To find out what are the most essential tools for a mobile hairdresser, follow our short guide:

Good Scissors and Shears 

One of the most basic and obvious things that a good hairdresser needs are scissors. Of course, you might know that to be able to give a good cut, you will need a full range of scissors, combs and black hair shears. However, you might not know that a professional mobile hairdresser should consider a few other important things, other than just their high quality and trusted brand of scissors and shears. Importantly, it would be best if you purchased tools that are easy to clean and pack down quickly and efficiently. If you have any other particular preferences - for instance, you quickly get sore hands, or you're left-handed - look for the products specially designed to make your job easier, such as Scissor Tech Professional Hairdressing Shears. Moreover, if you'll be styling hair, don't forget to equip yourself with a high-quality hairdryer and straighteners.

High-Quality Hair Products 

To wash your client's hair, you need to purchase good shampoo and conditioner. However, if you decide to offer bleaching, dying, or permanent waves, too, you need to find the right supplier. Remember to look for trusted, high-quality brands to ensure each colour stays on the customer's hair for a long time. Nothing will say more about the quality of your services than the quality of your tools and dyes, so choose them carefully. Moreover, always keep a stock of the most commonly used hair products and stay in touch with your supplier to quickly get an unusual dye for any new demanding client. 

Hairdressing Case 

Because you'll be on the move all the time, you will also need multiple bags and cases to carry your kit in. Notably, the case should be very durable, so it can easily hold all the heavy pieces you own. Moreover, it's always good to look for waterproof options, especially for electrical items, if you don't know what environment you will be working in. Remember that the more pockets or sections the case/bag/trolley has, the better. Multiple small spaces will allow you to be better organised and quickly find your tools.

Salon Towels and Gown 

When it comes to towels, some clients you're visiting may choose to use their own ones - and that's fine. However, you need to be prepared to have a few of your own with you. To ensure good hygiene, you have to get professional salon towels. Those will catch any mess, protect clothing, and dry off the client's hair if needed. There is a wide range of salon towels: for instance, you can get extra light disposable towels, which you change after each client. You can also invest in high-quality salon towels that you need to wash after each use. These are soft, very absorbent, and bleach resistant, so well worth the money. Remember to check the specification of the product you'd like to purchase to ensure it meets your needs. Lastly, don't forget about a gown! If you're mobile, just one should suffice, but it's always good to bring a spare in case. 


If you've just decided to become a mobile hairdresser, congratulations! The chances are you will build a successful career in no time. However, besides great tools and some money to start with, there is one last thing that you need to have: social skills. As a mobile hairdresser, you're an entrepreneur on your own, so you need to promote your services in the best way. Make use of social media to share your before and after photos. You can talk to people and engage in hairdressing discussions on forums, or even publish some instructional videos on YouTube. Lastly, don't forget that success takes some time and probably won't happen overnight. For a start, don't focus on the money. Instead, keep working hard and be patient while slowly, but surely, building your clientele. Soon enough you will attract many customers interested in your services.

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