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4 Signs That Says You Need a Hair Transplant

Hair defines a person’s personality more than anything else. Having healthy, strong, and beautiful hair is everyone’s dream, but hair loss can sometimes be inevitable. In such instances, to support your natural hair growth and avoid baldness, you can get hair implants in Turkey. But, do you really need a hair transplant? Read on to find out!

Reasons Why You May Have Hair Loss 

Hair fall is highly common among both men and women, although the hair loss pattern may be different for each gender. There are many reasons why your hair may be falling in chunks, making you feel as if you’re going bald. Most commonly, lack of Iron and Zinc in your diet can lead to your hair becoming unhealthy and falling out. That’s because these two nutrients play a vital role in hair growth and the maintenance of healthy hair. To treat hair fall caused due to Iron or Zinc deficiency, you can start consuming foods that are high sources of these nutrients, such as leafy greens, meat, fish, etc. Additionally, you may also add supplements to your daily diet, but not without consulting your doctor or a professional dietitian. Apart from nutrient deficiencies, extreme stress, anxiety, and the psychological after-effects of traumatic events can also cause hair loss. And if thinner hair and hair fall is in your genetics, then baldness can be inevitable unless you opt for hair transplant surgery.

4 Signs Hair Transplant Can be Your Only Saviour 

Is getting difficult to determine whether you really need hair transplant surgery or if your hair loss isn’t that critical? If yes, then here we share some signs that you need to look for. If these 4 things are happening to you too, it’s time to say yes to a hair transplant from a qualified expert: 

1. You Can See a Visible Change in Your Hairline 

Androgenic alopecia is a common pattern of hair loss in which your hairline starts receding. Patients experiencing hair loss in this pattern can notice a visible difference in their hairline. The hair starts thinning from the front of your head and recedes back until only a strip of hair is left on the back of your head with some on the sides. Such hair loss is mostly common in male patients of ages above 40. 

2. Hair on the Crown of Your Head is Thinning 

Another common pattern of hair loss in males involves losing hair that's directly on the top of your head. You can check whether your hair is thinning in this area with the help of a hand-held mirror to see the top of your head. In case there are any visible bald patches, or your hair has thinned enough for you to be able to see your scalp through it, it’s time to get a hair transplant.

3. Chunks of Hair on the Floor, Pillows, and in Shower 

Hair loss, when it happens, can rarely go unseen. You’d come across chunks of hair on your pillow after you wake up, hair all over your clothes, on the floor, and most commonly in the drain after you’ve showered. If there is lots of hair everywhere, then it means you’re going to need a hair transplant soon. 

4. There’s a Noticeable Difference in Your Hair Volume 

An easy way to analyse and check the difference in your hair growth and volume is by simply comparing your most recent photos with some old ones. Ask your friends and family if they see a noticeable difference in your hairline and the volume of your hair. Visible scalp and bald patches can be the most common sign that your hair has started getting thinner quickly. 

How is Hair Transplant Surgery Done? 

A hair transplant involves getting healthy and strong donor hair from a patch of your head and planting them in areas that have gone bald to improve hair growth. It’s best to get a hair plant surgery before you completely go bald so that strong donor hair can be easily extracted and replanted in your scalp. Afterall, your looks matter a lot.

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