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What to Know When Buying a Driver as a Beginner Golfer

So… you are thinking about taking up the sensational sport of golf. You cherish the thought of taking in that fresh, open-air, and the feeling of total freedom in the wide-open space whilst being completely surrounded by the tranquillity of the beautiful countryside. You long for a sport, a hobby where you can relieve that built-up tension from a long, hard-worked week. There's no better feeling than the escape to the driving range, the land of golfers' paradise. This sport will enable you to release pressure, and maybe even become the next top golfing pro. Whether you are longing for a place to escape the hectic reality of life, looking to take up a sport to aid in maintaining your health, or wish to learn and acquire a new skill, golf can be the sport that you have been anxiously searching for. The majority of the population adore this popular sport, they choose to spend most of their precious free time perfecting their swing and achieving the ultimate shot of conquering that hole in one.

More and more people around the world are choosing to take up this calm, idyllic sport. It is becoming extremely popular with people of all ages and gender, growing into one of the most popular activities on the planet today. Golf possesses the power to eliminate stress, whilst also providing the mind and body with a new skill to master. You may think all you need is a dusty old club that has been sat in the garage for eternity, and a handful of balls. However you could not be more wrong. It is so important when choosing to dip your toes into golf that you acquire the correct golf driver for a beginner. if not, you are setting yourself up for an extremely frustrating time on the course and certainly will not be making the game easy on yourself. Here are some frequently asked questions from beginners and some useful answers:

Which Driver is Best for a Beginner? 

There are many factors to consider when deliberating over which driver to get your hands on. It all comes down to size, material, and versatility. Read on for some key things to consider when purchasing your first driver to get you started on the ultimate golfing experience. 

Should I go for Bigger and Which material? 

When first joining the world of golfers it is incredibly important to choose a driver with a large clubhead, preferably round. Opting for a bigger head will give you the advantage of achieving better contact with the ball, giving you a much easier hit. It will also result in achieving straighter shots and avoid any twisting. Also, look for a head that is made of titanium, as generally, these heads are significantly greater in size.

What About Adjustability? 

Nowadays, many clubhead manufacturers have adjustable club heads, making it possible to alter the size whilst maintaining weight at an acceptable level. This has also given us the opportunity to change the face of golf drivers. For instance, if you are constantly slices your hits in your game, then you can choose to close the face that will provide you with lines at an angle. If you are not slicing and dicing then you can alternatively adjust the driver to align to those on the shaft. 

How About the Shaft? 

When you are beginning your journey into the world of golfing it is perfectly normal to have issues with your swing. It can be difficult to master your speed and strength when taking those first hits. A great idea is to purchase a golf driver with greater flex, giving you a better chance of striking the ball. 

What About Loft? 

The amount of loft boils down to just how skilled you are! For a beginner, choosing a driver with a significant extent of the loft is going to benefit you far more than a driver possessing a lesser amount. If you tend to have slice issues on the driving range then you can minimise your angle, improving performance. Yes, choosing to take up the spectacular sport of golf can be extremely rewarding, both on a mental and physical level. Just make sure to take these crucial tips into account to ensure you are at the top of your game.

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