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6 Secrets of the Perfect Hot Dog Sandwich

The American hot dog is surrounded by lots of debate. Many wonder if it should be classified as a sandwich or sausage roll. The question hit the internet decades ago but hotdogs are still the topic of many debates. However, Merriam-Webster describes sandwiches as a split roll or at least two slices of bread with a filling. By that definition, hotdogs qualify to be sandwiches. Whatever side of the debate you fall into, most people agree that hotdogs are delicious and that there are a few proven ways to make them even better. Here are a few secrets to making your hotdog sandwich perfect.

1. Read the Ingredients Label 

Read the ingredients on your hotdog label before cooking it. The best hot dogs have simple ingredients that you can understand. Fewer ingredients generally translate to better quality and a more delicious hotdog sandwich. Ingredients that you can understand may help you determine if your sandwich is healthy. Even though the taste of most hotdogs is fairly the same, they differ in flavour intensity and quality. Like most cuts of meat, the cost determines quality. Understanding how the process works will help you avoid buying the wrong cuts. The first step towards making a perfect hot dog sandwich is picking the right one.

2. Grill Your Toppings 

Consider grilling your hotdog sandwich toppings to make them more flavourful. Grilled vegetables are an important addition to any hotdog. Consider using peppers, onions, and tomatoes. When using onions, consider mixing yellow and red options. Cut them into round shapes and grill them until soft. When grilling peppers, cut them into quarters and remove the seeds before grilling. Use skewers when grilling tomatoes. Pickled carrots or cabbage can help you add some crunch. Consider making your own or choosing store-bought options. 

3. Avoid Making Too Many Piercings 

Most people pierce their hotdogs with a fork before steaming or grilling. The piercings allow the steam to vent. They prevent the case of your hotdog from bursting as it cooks. While these piercings are important, you should be careful not to go overboard. They let the juices out leaving the hotdog dry and bland. If you want flavourful and juicy hotdog sandwiches, do not pierce your hotdog at all.

4. Boiling in Flavour 

Boiling is not the best way to cook your hotdogs as it can drain them of their flavours. It can leave them soggy and with inconsistent flavours. If you really wish to boil your hotdogs, consider boiling them in flavourful liquids. Use herbs like garlic and ginger in your water or boil them in beer. Boil your hotdogs in a large saucepan to give them enough room. Let them cook for six minutes and drain when you are done. After this, pan fry the hot dogs for a crisp surface. 

5. Grilling Your Hot Dogs 

Grilled hotdogs are some of the most flavourful. They have grill marks that most hotdog lovers enjoy. Using the indirect method to grill your hotdogs may keep them from exploding too. With this method, only half of the grill is heating. Hot dogs are laid over the part of the grill that hasn’t been heated. When using a charcoal grill, push the heated charcoal to a side of the grill. You can do it manually or with a grill insert. Use the side without coals to grill your hotdogs. If you want to achieve beautiful grill marks, place your hotdogs at an angle. If you wish to make the outer casing crisp, place the hotdogs directly on the heated part of the grill for a few seconds.

6. Microwaving Hot Dogs 

The fastest way to reheat your hotdogs is by microwaving them. With this method, your hotdogs can steam to promote quick and even heating. When reheating one hotdog, wrap it in a paper towel and cook for 45 seconds. Cook for 15 more seconds if it requires more heating. When heating multiple hot dogs, use a safe plate and cover your hotdogs with a paper towel. Cook the first hotdog for 40 seconds on high and the other ones for 20 seconds each. 

There are many ways to make your hotdog sandwich perfect. Even though it is mostly a matter of preferences, there are a few tried and tested tips to improve the taste of your hotdog. They include: boiling with a flavourful liquid, grilling your toppings, and cooking your hot dog without overly piercing it. Your goal should be to keep the flavours in.


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