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It’s almost every person’s dream to age like fine wine. The big question is, “how many of you are working towards that dream?” If you are out there and thinking that your ageing will slow down automatically, you are wrong. Ageing is a natural process accelerated by a couple of factors, such as; your lifestyle, the environment, and the attention you pay to your skin. The only proven way to keep your skin looking younger and ageing gracefully is by taking good care of it. Here, we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help you look and stay younger.

Wear Sunscreen 

The sun’s rays are beneficial to your body, but at the same time, they can mean harm if not controlled. Continued UV rays exposure is known to speed up skin ageing and cause wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. So, the only way to prevent all these damages is by wearing sunscreen. You should always wear sunscreen whenever you step outside, even if it’s cloudy. When getting sunscreen, ensure that you go for one that has SPF 30+ for full protection.

LifeJacket Skin Protection
LifeJacket Skin Protection


In the recent past, ultherapy has been used by clinicians to help achieve a youthful look. This non-invasive treatment uses time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and lighten your skin naturally. The treatment is safe, and FDA approved. However, for effective results, it must be done at a qualified clinic. When it comes to finding legit Ultherapy® clinics, you must ensure that the one you choose has the logo, seal, and certificate of authenticity. There are many clinics out there and so finding one should be a walk in the park. All that is needed is to find a clinic near you within your budget. 

Stay Hydrated 

From your little science knowledge back in high school, you understand that your skin comprises cells that require water to function well. Therefore, there is a strong link between drinking sufficient water and having healthier skin. Health specialists often insist that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your skin looking fresh. You should also add in fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, oranges, and grapefruit, among others.

A facial Massage 

The journey to achieving young skin isn’t as easy as it may sound. Often, it’s met with many challenges, such as landing on false information over the internet. If you are out there and looking for a legit way to go about this, a facial massage has never gone wrong. Facial massages are the remedy, especially if you suffer from the occasional breakout, skin fatigue, and dullness. The skin complication could have resulted from the fact that your circulation is low, and so your skin’s cells are experiencing toxins build up. So, how does facial massage help with this problem? The massage helps enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage. As a result, the pollutants in your skin are removed. After being flushed out, you will note a significant improvement in your skin’s appearance. It will look a lot healthier and luminous. Facial massage is also known to help relieve sore and stressed out areas on your face, reducing tension headaches. Also, it helps work on under-eye puffiness and congestion. 

Watch what you eat 

Often dieticians will tell you that you are what you eat. Yes, whatever you put in the mouth dramatically impacts your skin’s appearance at the end of the day. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t forget to add fruits and vegetables to your diet to boost the water content, vitamins, and antioxidants in the body. It would be best if you also remembered to eat healthy fats, such as fish oil, and avoid spicy and fermented foods where possible. Fermented foods have a lot of preservatives that may have a direct connection to healthier-looking skin. Also, it would be best if you considered a low-sugar diet to keep your insulin levels down, allowing the skin’s cells to maintain a healthy balance.

James + Jake
James + Jake

Moisturise your Skin after Washing 

According to dermatologists, it’s advisable to moisturise your skin with products that lock in moisture, fasten healing, and contain antioxidants that encourage glowing and young-looking skin. Apply the moisturiser when the skin is still wet from a shower or from rinsing your face. This will help lock in extra moisture rather than work on the surface level, leaving your skin feeling smooth. 

Achieving young-looking skin is every person’s dream. Although it may sound easy, it’s not. However, with a few techniques here and there, you can achieve that look in no time.

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