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7 Reasons Why Slovakia Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Europe is full of places that hide incredible stories and offer a slice of history you just won’t find anywhere else. That being said, there’s a part of Europe you won’t often find in tourist guides — Slovakia. Nestled between Austria and Poland, Slovakia offers a unique insight into European history. There are many reasons to visit this country and here are our top 7 picks:

An Abundance of Forts and Castles 

If there’s one thing that you’ll find an abundance of in Slovakia, it’s history. Located at the crossroads of Central Europe, Slovakia has always been the gateway for invading armies to reach their final destination. Because of that, many battles have been fought in this area, and many castles still occupy the hilltops and valleys of this beautiful country.

Rich History 

Speaking of history, it’s not only reserved for defensive fortifications that held off many a horde. Slovakia’s largest cities such as the capital of Bratislava, and many others, are rife with museums and historical buildings that date back many centuries and offer a cross-section of various architectural styles. You’ll find a peculiar mix of medieval Gothic style and communist brutalism in a single spot. Along with history comes a rich culture. Slovak cuisine is full of unique dishes and recipes that you won’t find elsewhere. Their dances, folklore, and traditions will offer a fresh contrast to the more mainstream nations of Europe. 

It’s Never Dull in Bratislava 

Just about every European capital has its own vibe and its signature atmosphere. That being said, the capital of Slovakia takes things to a whole new different level. The good people from https://bratislava-airport-taxi.com/ know the city well, and they say that Bratislava offers a very balanced mix of entertainment, nightlife, and culture. That’s something you don’t find too often. You can enjoy museums, old churches, and historical buildings during the day, and then hit some of the most incredible nightclubs in the evening. Bratislava has it all! 

Incredible Nature 

Slovakia is full of surprises. This country’s mountain region isn’t as popular as the Swiss alps, but it offers a similar kind of beauty. The Tatra mountains are borderline legendary and represent a big portion of Slovak national identity. Tatras offer both incredible snow-covered peaks, and gorgeous hiking paths. They have something for everyone.

Undiscovered Wine Country 

Here’s something that usually catches people by surprise regarding Slovakia — it’s a country with a long history of winemaking. Slovak vineyards are known all around Europe as some of the best. If you’re a wine aficionado, there are wine tours you can take that will bring you out to some of the top wineries in the country, and once you discover the bliss that is Slovak wine paired with many kinds of Slovak cheeses, you’ll never want to leave. 

A Country of Festivals 

Another fairly surprising fact about Slovakia is that it hosts some of the most unique festivals around Europe. The Pohoda Fest is arguably one of the more popular festivals that attract visitors from far and wide. Organisers of Pohoda Fest bring unique artists every year, thus making sure that thousands of visitors are entertained every night of the festival. But wait, there’s more! Transmission is another awesome music festival that takes place in Slovakia, bringing popular trance music DJs to the area.  

Slovakia is Affordable 

Some of the more popular destinations across Europe have gone up in price and down in quality of service. Traveling around Western Europe used to be at least attainable, but is now out of reach for many travelers. Slovakia is a developing tourist destination. Right now, it’s affordable. It won’t be forever, though. This place has a lot to offer, and it’s only a matter of time until more tourists realise the potential it hides within its mountainous self. Whether you decide to go skiing down the slopes of Tatranska Lomnica or spend a week absorbing the cultural riches of Bratislava, you won’t find yourself checking your bank account balance before every purchase.

Visit Slovakia and Experience a Different Europe 

We’ve only covered 7 reasons why we think everyone should visit Slovakia. Yet, there are so many more that didn’t make the list. This country is far too complex and nuanced for it to be reduced to 7 or even 100 reasons why someone should come and visit. It’s a unique place, with unique people and unique history — it’s a different kind of Europe that you may not be familiar with, but one you should experience nonetheless.

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