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How to Increase Your Muscle Mass Without Going to The Gym

Most people, especially athletes, go to the gym to perform unlimited weight sessions when looking to gain muscle mass. On the contrary, you do not have to invest in gym machines and other equipment to increase your muscle mass. All you need is bodyweight exercises and a few adjustments to your nutritional composition. A large part of your musculature is derived from what you eat. Embarking on meal plans rich in lean proteins is a great way to start building up your muscle. That's because lean proteins such as beef, chicken, and Greek Yoghurt fuel the bulk process. That, coupled with bodyweight exercises, are fantastic ways to get started in muscle development. The two strategies mentioned above are meant to help you retain and even increase muscle mass without necessarily having to step foot inside a gym. And the secret lies in two things: Bodyweight exercises and nutrition. That said, let’s examine how to increase your muscle mass without using gym equipment.

Use bodyweight exercises 

Most people are under the impression that hitting the gym is key to building their muscles. On the contrary, physical and strength training isn't limited to using gym machines and equipment. That's because it is possible to gain muscle mass without ever having to enter the gym. And as fitness experts behind the Spartan Home Workout App explain, there are many roads to fitness, and that includes workout apps that offer equipment-free workout video demos and meal plans tailored to your fitness and wellness goals. All one needs is the discipline to follow tips and guidelines towards building muscle mass without fancy gym equipment.

Examples of bodyweight exercises 

Fitness and wellness experts believe that going to the gym and paying less attention to the complicated matter of nutrition is sabotage of one's efforts. Moreover, ancient trainers believed that bodyweight exercises were better equipped to increase muscle mass than artificial weight lifting. That said, let's detail some of the exercises you can use to achieve lean muscle mass without the gym: 


This exercise is geared towards increasing muscle mass around the arms, neck region, and back. It is regarded as one of the most basic workout plans you can take advantage of. All you need is a horizontal pole placed in your backyard, garage, or even inside your house where you can do your routines once daily. 


Squatting exercises are great if you want to achieve lean mass as well as a proportional muscular body. And it is not isolated to athletes only. But as long as you want to gain real muscle mass, you can incorporate squats into your daily workout routine as it targets the legs and back. How it works is you free your hands and then start with a one-legged position. After that, complete the maximum number of sets until you reach your fatigue threshold. And beyond adding muscle mass to the back, it helps carve and sculpt your thighs and lower legs. 


This exercise is one of the most popular as it develops the pectorals and chest muscles. Additionally, it helps to increase muscles on the biceps and the triceps, as well as the arms. How it works is rather straightforward. The arms and the core muscles are built as you lift your body back and forth from the ground at a fixed position. By so doing, this exercise utilises your entire body’s weight to build muscles in the aforementioned parts of the body.


Crunching is one of the most effective exercises that you can use to add lean muscle around the abdomen. Despite that, few people have the stamina and patience to do crunches. It targets the waist, and it is regarded as the most effective at achieving a flat stomach. 

Triceps flexes 

This exercise is quite simple and it targets the triceps. All you have to do is place your hands on the edge of your seat, point your legs forward, and then put your heels on the floor. After that, you will have to bend the elbows at a slow pace to form a 90-degree angle in an up and down movement. 

Exercise with dumbbells 

Whether it is a kettle bell or a pair of dumbbells, you don’t have to hit the gym to build your muscle mass. These cheap tools can help you diversify your workout and add mass to nearly every part of your body. The most common exercises that you can easily perform at home or in a park include: 

- House walking 

- Weighted Lunges 

- Deadlifts 

- Presses 

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to hit the gym to have a shot at building lean muscle mass. You can use simple and handy strategies right in your house or backyard to achieve that. And the secret lies in bodyweight exercises and nutrition.


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