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7 Things to Get a 70-Year-Old Man for His Birthday

While your grandpa seems like he has everything he could need, there's a good chance he's missing out on something. Shopping for your grandpa's 70th birthday may feel like a challenging task. You want a gift you're sure he'll care about. It should be the perfect gift to help him celebrate his 7th-decade milestone. Most of our treasured childhood memories are connected to our grandparents. So, you need to ensure this gift replicates what you feel he needs. Your birthday gift needs to be something he adores and maybe, something he couldn't live without. When getting him a gift, first check his interests, hobbies, and passions. Does he smoke cigars? Loves exquisite wine? Find an area of his life that he loves and gift him with these seven fantastic gifts.

Get Him Something for a Close Shave 

He might still have some strands of hair left on his beard. And what better item to give him than something to shave off those stray hair strands. Every man with a beard knows the fight against facial hair can be a futile battle. And he probably knows this too! You can get him special razors that are designed for men his age. A good razor will put your old man light years ahead of the game. And having one in his bathroom means he doesn't have to waste time queuing at the barbershop.

Mr. Fix It! 

Is he still the guy that loves fixing stuff? If he is, you might need to get him a multipurpose toolkit. When most seniors retire, they get bored easily. Suddenly, they're not rushing out of the door every morning to fix the nation. A multipurpose toolkit means they can fix any broken shelf around the house easily. And since they have more free time than they can account for, a toolkit will keep them busy. Watch as he hammers the years away and fixes all those things you don't have time for! 

Personalised Golf Balls

Ideally, you don't have to love golf because old age has already kicked in. However, you might know a 70-year-old man who does. If he visits the course whenever he can, he'll need to have some personalised golf balls during his game. Technically, these golf balls can be personalised with any text, logo, or photo. Whether you choose to add an image of the grandkids or one of his pictures, it will be a worthy addition to his game. 

Does he Love Scotch and Cigars? 

Nothing in this world measures up to the feeling he gets when he has his cigar and a glass of scotch at the end of a long day. You can make this experience more delightful for him by gifting him a personalized set for his ritual. You can easily find a solid marble ashtray that will last an eternity at a retail store or Amazon. Good quality glass ensures he can smoke and drink at ease. At 70 years, this isn't a gift he will take lightly.

Like Johnie Walker, He Needs to Keep Walking 

Get him a pair of comfortable and reliable Crocs. Crocs stand out for many reasons. They're comfortable, and they make great shoes for both outdoor and indoor use. Whether your grandfather likes to walk around the estate or take brief nature walks, Crocs make a versatile shoe he can use. What's more, there are many different styles and colours to choose from. This means you can customise based on your grandpa's taste and preference. However, remember to keep it simple. 

Foot Massage 

A foot massage is a perfect gift for anyone. If your grandfather is avoiding in-person massages, give him a foot massage device. Do a bit of research and get one that he would love. This device allows for an ideal amount of customisation. One can choose between heated and non-heated massages. It also comes with a timer, so you know when to start and stop your session.

Chess Set 

Chess is an excellent game for older men and younger men alike. A chess set is the perfect birthday gift for a 70-year-old man. After all, he needs to pass the time with something that keeps his brain muscles working. What's more, you can get him a customised chess set designed in the context of something he likes. 

Hopefully, these gift ideas will help you shop for the perfect birthday gift. Get him any of these fantastic gifts, and he'll be forever grateful. Also, take some time off to spend a day or two with him. While a gift brings them joy, they could also be lonely. Sometimes, your physical presence matters a lot. Use this time to help your grandpa with chores around the house. Tell stories and make it as memorable as you can.


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