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5 Tips for Buying A Leather Briefcase

Leather is a timeless piece in the fashion industry that symbolises class, sophistication, and formality. If you’re navigating the corporate and professional environment regularly, leather briefcases will be your everyday wardrobe staple. Whether you need to bring a laptop, pack confidential documents, or keep your business cards safe, a leather briefcase has got your back. Because of their versatility, leather briefcases are perfect as a daily essential bag that can carry and support belongings under numerous conditions. You can take them on-the-go through its handle, or add a strap for convenience.

Tips In Buying A Leather Briefcase 

Getting a new leather briefcase is quite a crucial investment as genuine leather materials come with hefty price tags. If you’re planning to purchase a leather briefcase, it’s worth researching the make and quality first as they vary with the price. To complete your professional look, shop for briefcases at Vonbaer.com and choose from a plethora of briefcases of different types, such as satchel briefcases, locking briefcases, laptop briefcases, and briefcase backpacks. And to make the most out of your purchase, here are seven tips for finding your perfect leather briefcase:


Prioritise Quality

Leather briefcases are expensive for a reason. They’re made of high-quality, durable leather that becomes more attractive as they age, developing a pattern called patina. As a rule of thumb, expensive leather briefcases are generally of better quality, but make sure not to look for this only. Leather briefcases have varying price tags, mainly due to the type of leather used to make the bag. The three types of leather materials in briefcases are: 

Full-Grain Leather: This type of leather is derived from the strongest and most durable part of the animal’s skin, just below their hair or fur. Undoubtedly, these are the most expensive kind. 

Top-Grain Leather: A cheaper but still good quality alternative to full-grain leather are top-grain leather briefcases. While it’s less durable than full-grain, it’s still reliable and they generally last longer than low-grade ones. 

Split-Grain Leather: Lastly, split-grain leather is the thinnest and most water-permeable out of the three. It’s cut from full-grain leather using a splitting machine, making it more fragile due to the absence of grain. The leather’s country of origin can also tell a lot about its quality. France, Korea, and England are known for their fine quality leather.

The Cambridge Satchel Company
The Cambridge Satchel Company

Examine Its Compartments 

Your leather briefcase must hold your belongings safely. Whether it’s a pile of documents, gadgets, books, and personal items, your suitcase should be able to accommodate everything you want to store inside. The compartments play a vital role in this function. Leather briefcases range from compact and slim to spacious ones. To find a briefcase with the best compartments, enumerate every item you’re planning to store in your briefcase and assess the number and size of compartments you’ll need. If you need to reach out for a few items during the day, like your keys, ID, phone, and wallet, pick a briefcase that has an accessible front compartment.


Look For Signs of Quality Workmanship 

Aside from the entirety and material of the briefcase, it’s also worth looking into the minute details as this also dictates quality workmanship. The tightness and preciseness of its stitching can say a lot about its handwork quality. While examining the bag, take a look at the stitches on both the inner and outer surfaces if they’re straight and consistent without any loose threads. Reinforced stitching is a plus, as it protects the vulnerable areas of the briefcase from quick wear and damage. Additionally, here are some other parts, features, and details to evaluate on the leather briefcase: 

Handle: The bag’s handle is crucial to carry your pack with ease. It has to be quality-made, or it’ll be unable to bear the weight of your items. Ensure that the handles are securely attached to the body using metal fixtures, reinforced stitching, or both. 

Zippers: The zippers should be made of metal and not plastic. If you’re shopping in a physical store, try opening and closing every zipper multiple times to see if it works seamlessly. 

Hinges: Only hard-sided briefcases have hinges. See to it that their hinges are sturdy and rust-free. 

By evaluating the briefcase further other than its price and leather material, you can have a better idea of how it’ll serve you well. Premium quality and hefty price alone aren’t going to ensure that your bag will remain in good condition for years. You should also know how to care for your leather bag and maintain it in tip-top shape.

Carl Friedrik
Carl Friedrik

Find Your Colour 

Picking a briefcase colour is similar to choosing the colour of your smart footwear. Black, brown, and tan are the most common briefcase colours. The first two colours are best suited for professional settings as they exude a sense of class and authority. The colour of your bag is merely a matter of personal preference, but if you’re bringing a leather briefcase to the office, the required formality also influences which leather briefcase colour will suit you best. If you’re in a more casual environment, you can go with light tan colours like camel and rich chestnut. If the setting is neither professional nor laidback, a vintage brown can save you. Some people even buy the same thing in two different colours, but it’s entirely up to you, and of course, your budget!

Maxwell Scott
Maxwell Scott

Assess The Size You Need 

Compartments only tell you how many things you can put inside the briefcase, but the overall size is another matter. If you only need a briefcase for your laptop and papers, choose from bag sizes that can accommodate your laptop size between 13, 14, or 15 inches. However, you can opt for a messenger bag that can carry more. Lastly, you should also keep note of your build. If you have a large physique, you can benefit more from a larger briefcase as a smaller one may look like a purse for your size. Meanwhile, you can lean more on smaller briefcases if your build is smaller since a large bag will be inconvenient to carry around.

Your leather briefcase will be an extension of what you wear at work. The right one will not just guarantee you functionality and convenience, it will complement your personal style as well. So, take note of these tips recommended above if you are still looking for a good-quality leather briefcase.

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