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5 Tech Gadgets You'll Want To Try in 2021

While the past year has been full of challenges and surprises, it has also brought us many cool tech gadgets to play with. After everything the last year has put us through, we deserved some tech-fueled fun and entertainment. That’s why we looked into the best tech gadgets you should try out in 2021, and we put together a list of five very surprising options. If you want new tech ideas beyond streaming devices such as Apple TV and Firestick, this list is for you! However, of course, if you use this streaming tool, don’t forget to connect a VPN for Firestick (https://nordvpn.com/download/firestick/) to ensure proper security while watching entertaining content. Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

1. Zendure SuperTank Pro 

We’ll start with something simple - the Zendure SuperTank Pro power bank. While there are hundreds of power banks on the market, none are as efficient and as powerful as the Zendure SuperTank Pro. This is a robust power bank that will keep your battery alive for days. It’s the perfect choice for travelers or busy bees who spend a lot of time on the go. The power bank features four USB-C ports, and it is capable of providing a maximum output of 138W. On top of that, it features a modern OLED display that shows you the four ports’ activity. This power distribution hub comes with a 1-meter cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter, meaning it is suitable for a wide range of devices with different ports.

2. DI FPV Drone 

Can’t go outside because of lockdown? No worries, you can still experience the outside world with high-tech gadgets such as the DI FPV drone. This is a user-friendly version of a professional drone used in racing competitions. With a maximum speed of 140 km per hour (87mph), this outstanding drone can go from 0 to 60 mph in only two seconds. Imagine how much fun you could have with a gadget like this. The drone features a high-resolution camera, so you get to see everything it sees in the air. The maximum range the device can reach is 10 kilometers or 6 miles. However, keep in mind that all these features eat up a lot of power, so you’ll only get about 25 minutes of flying per single charge. 

3. PS5 VR Controller 

If you’ve already tried the PS5 out, you know how amazing the new features and additions are. However, what you probably haven’t laid your hands on is the new PS5 VR controller. Even if you’ve used VR on PS4 before, forget all about it because this is about to be a unique experience. Sony’s new motion controllers, as you already know, translate your hand movements into the virtual world. However, the latest version provides extremely precise details that will make you question what is real and not. One of the most interesting additions is the finger-touch detection that allows you to pick up and use objects in the virtual world more naturally and realistically.

4. Dyson Purifier 

When we talk about tech gadgets, we’re not only talking about fun toys such as VR controllers and flying drones. Tech gadgets in other categories must be considered as well, such as this Dyson Purifier, for example. This high-end device will help you eliminate air pollution in your home and provide cleaner and healthier air. It is well-known that air pollution seriously harms our health. However, many people think of air pollution as an issue present in outdoor environments only. In reality, there is a lot of pollution in our homes as well. Even cooking and cleaning are filling our homes up with high concentrations of pollution. Even furniture is off-gassing formaldehyde. With all that in mind, you need a Dyson Purifier to filter all these harmful particles and keep your air nice and clean. 

5. Sony FX3 

Back to the fun side of advanced tech gadgets, we had to include some cinematic gear. This time we present you the Sony FX3, one of the biggest surprises Sony ever had in store for all of us. Namely, Sony’s FX3 is by far the smallest and the most affordable cinematic camera ever put on the market. This camera is built for ambitious filmmakers who want to take their footage to the next level without investing enormous amounts of money. The camera can record ultra HD video at 120 fps, and it comes with an entire bundle for shooting different angles.

Enjoy Smart Gadgets Everywhere You Go 

These are only five out of hundreds of new gadgets that will be hitting the market in 2021 and beyond. If you’re a tech geek or you’re just looking for something fun to keep you busy, experimenting with new gadgets is the best possible hobby you can think of. Just keep security in mind and use a VPN when testing out IoT products!


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