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What to Wear For A Zoom Call

Video conferencing tools like Zoom have become crucial right now. You could be pitching to clients, keeping up with co-workers or celebrating a friend's birthday party. If you are planning to hold any future events, be sure to check out Expocart as they offer one-stop-shop services for events. You will need to look ready for a Zoom call by having the right dress code, a good background and have the best camera angle. With the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become the new norm by transitioning office work to remote work and this has made conducting business much easier for many institutions. However, meetings held through video conferencing come with their unique etiquette. Many guys find it hard to figure out the appropriate outfit to put on while on Zoom, especially when you are not that good with lighting and camera angles. In this article, you will learn the appropriate clothes to wear while on a video call and the importance of looking good while on a Zoom call.

Match the clothing that you typically wear in the office 

For a white-collar office, stick with traditional two-piece business suits in dark charcoal or navy blue with a grenadine or silk tie and matching neutral coloured trousers. You can relax a little and skip the tie and the jacket for network meetings. If you get invited to impromptu meetings, then we recommend wearing a long-sleeve shirt and trousers while having a jacket ready for use.

Wear trousers 

You never know when you will need to get up on camera, and it’s better to not make a scene of yourself. It may be a joke for some, but to be safe, you should wear trousers. 

Prints and colour 

Bright solid colours and some prints may look dizzying when on TV. However, you are not surrounded by bright lights or HD cameras. Colour and print can be good distractions and at the same time, they will help in brightening up your face when you take Zoom calls in front of blank walls.

Nothing too fitted 

Depending on your desk, chair and lighting setup, it's not advisable to put on a shirt that is too restrictive and uncomfortable. Don't put on a top that will have shoulders pull or buttons gape while you sit at your desk. 

Professional fabrics 

Webcams are sensitive when it comes to picking up shine from a shirt or sharkskin suit. Polyester knits, matte jersey and crepe will look good on camera. Besides that, they are also resistant to wrinkles and machine washable. Another advantage is that these type of tops are cheap.

When it comes to Zoom calls, it's not all about vanity. It's important to dress professionally when meeting with co-workers or friends on Zoom. Always put some effort into how you choose to present yourself and come up with an image that can show positivity to your friends or co-workers. This will show that you really care about the Zoom call. Little self-care rituals such as dressing up and combing your hair in preparation for a Zoom call can impact your mood in a good way. Ever since the implementation of social distancing, people have been feeling a bit isolated. Therefore, a bit of a boost on your self-esteem can be great. There are also some other aspects of video calls that one has to consider. If you have poor lighting, then visibility will be a challenge and as a result, it will harm the quality of the meeting. Any clutter or activity in your background could result in distractions that will derail the meeting leading to low team productivity. 

Everyone has that self-conscious feeling when it comes to how they look on camera. Always keep this in mind when you plan to have another Zoom call, as you will not have to worry about your co-workers or friend's opinions regarding your looks. Strive to make yourself look professional when on a Zoom call. This way, you will not feel nervous when given a chance to talk.

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