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Tuxedo Colour Trends For Weddings In 2021

Are black and white the only colours when it comes to wedding tuxedos? It can be quite a challenge now, especially when all you know is that the two primary colours are the only available choices, and if others suit you. But, that’s the beauty of having options. When it comes to wedding trends for this year, you may think about what types of weddings may occur during the pandemic. While you can’t be attending a large wedding anytime soon, you can at least control what you can wear. You can find other suit options with colours that you may not have worn before. The following are some trending wedding suit colours that you might want to try today:

Off-White Or Cream-Coloured Suits 

There are two ways you could go about wearing light-coloured suits: either go halfway or the whole ensemble. The fact is that not everyone is going to look good in an entire white case, and that’s the same with only wearing half of the colour. A full suit in off-white or cream means both the jacket and trousers. Half means only the coat and the trousers are in a dark colour, like black or navy. Or, you can go for a light underlayer and trousers, plus a checkered jacket. Although the opportunity to wear a light-coloured suit calls for rarer occasions, it’s suitable to wear them on a warm or sunny day. A summer wedding in loafers, or brogues and a light shirt are the best to wear with this colour.

Drake's London
Drake's London

Cement Grey Or Grey Sharkskin Colour 

Some colours look great on a toned body, and cement grey and grey sharkskin are trending this year. Grey is now considered the new neutral colour. Even the choices of colours that you can pair with them are limited. Think of the grey options as ash-coloured and mid-grey tones that you can wear with butter yellow or baby blue ties and handkerchief. No matter the tuxedo style, the colour will look lovely on slim-fit options that can highlight how much you’ve been taking care of yourself for your special day. 

Green Suits 

Green used to be a risky colour to wear on a suit. But, a new generation of designers added some swank by using shades of green colour on newly designed collections. Also, actors and known models have been seen wearing green that further pushed the possibilities even for emerald and bottle green suits to come into fruition. So, if you’re a guest wanting to make an impression, especially during the evening reception, a full dark-green suit, layered with a powder blue shirt and royal blue tie might do the trick. You can also wear a vest, either of the same colour as the jacket, plus a khaki- or coffee-coloured tie. The possibilities are endless.

Brunello Cucinelli
Brunello Cucinelli

Burgundy Suits 

There are various types of suits you and your partner can wear to a wedding when you’re the guest. When you know that your partner will look great in a dress, you need to match that with a rich, dark red tone, which is one of the most popular of the unusual shades you can wear at a wedding. There’s a rule of thumb that the darker the shade, the more it’s considered formal, and a wedding is just the right formal occasion for it. Their demand stems from the fact that it can look regal and sophisticated, without being flashy. Like dark green suits, the burgundy ones make for fantastic evening wear for men. A burgundy jacket and trousers look sleek with a white undershirt and black bow tie. You can also wear it with a vest and a tie of the same colour. 

Shades Of Blue Suits 

There are a few shades of blue that the groom or the groomsmen can wear at the wedding. These are blue, cobalt blue, charcoal grey, and midnight blue. The shade of blue you’ll choose must depend on which shade is closest to black, but still unique enough to bring out the wearer's personality. Blue is also versatile as it’s wearable for all seasons. Twill suits in blue are high-performance. With a simple white shirt underneath, and bow or long tie, you can appear so polished and sleek. They’re not too dressy and can still seem a bit casual during parties.

Peter Posh
Peter Posh

While black and white are the classic choices that never fail, it doesn’t hurt to try to be bolder on your next event. When you’re open to wearing other colours, you open yourself up to new possibilities. There might be a few colour choices that look great on you, and you may never know until you choose the road less travelled.

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