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How to Put Together the Perfect Formal Outfit

The right clothes can do a lot for a man, especially when it comes to formalwear. They can make the wearer appear intelligent and sophisticated, helping him to exude confidence. That can help him in many facets of life, from securing deals at work to impressing on a first date. Putting together a smart outfit is sometimes easier said than done, though. If the clothes aren’t well-tailored they could wear you, rather than the other way around. Plus, while they don’t have to be super expensive, they won’t win people over the way you want them to if they look cheap. That’s why this guide is here to show you how to put together the perfect formal outfit.

Check Your Measurements 

Before you start spending money on anything, it’s essential that you understand your measurements. Without these, you won’t know what to look for in a suit, which can make finding one that fits nicely all the harder. One solution for this is to see a tailor and have them measure you so they can create a piece custom-designed for your body. This is ideal if you want something that’s a perfect fit and that you’re going to wear for special occasions, such as a wedding. You don’t need to go down this route if you don’t want to, though. It may require a bit of searching, but you can still find a suit in a store that works with your body type. You just need to know what parts of your body to measure so that you can go shopping with the correct numbers in mind. The clothes that you find may not end up matching you perfectly, but as long as nothing is too baggy or tight, you should be good. It might be worth bringing someone else along for an honest second opinion if you don’t trust yourself (or the sales staff) to make the right call.

Decide on Your Aesthetic 

Formalwear might be an aesthetic in itself, but that doesn’t mean it constitutes one look. There are different styles, colours, patterns, etc., that combine to make various aesthetics, one of which will be right for you. It’s worth thinking about this beforehand because it’ll make finding a suit a lot easier. The last thing you want to do is buy a blazer, shirt, and trousers only to discover that they clash. While you could claim that this is an aesthetic in itself, it won’t necessarily be a good one. Think about things such as whether you want to wear something patterned like tartan, or if you’d rather go with block colours. If you prefer the latter, which one speaks to you the most? This is important, because if you decide that you want a navy blazer, your trousers and shirt will need to be in complementary colours. A bit of contrast is okay, but if this stands out too much, it could harm what you’re trying to achieve. 

Look at What Others Wear 

You’re never short of inspiration when it comes to formalwear. Plenty of celebrities get dressed up on a regular occasion, and they’re always photographed looking their best. Their outfits might not usually draw as much attention as the women they’re with, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking at. If you’re unsure of yourself when it comes to looking smart, taking inspiration from others is a good way to go. You might not necessarily have the money to copy their looks exactly, but you can still take notes on things like colour combinations, use of accessories, etc. Alternatively, you can look a little closer to home, either with what your colleagues wear to work or how your friends dress. Each person will likely have their own opinion on what makes good formalwear, and while you might not agree with everything they say, you can still learn something. With enough research behind you, deciding what looks good on you should become less of a challenge.


Check Out Reviews 

There’s no shortage of places to buy a suit or the various components of one. However, if you’ve never shopped at these places before, you might be reluctant to go there and potentially spend a lot of money. That’s why it’s worth checking out reviews first, so you can see whether a store stacks up or not. You can do this at ReviewMaster, where members of the public offer their honest views on shops, websites, brands, and more. The chances are that wherever you’re thinking about looking it will be on here, and if it’s not, it might be worth giving that place a miss. This is an excellent way of giving yourself some added assurance before you start looking anywhere, as you’ll know where your time is and isn’t well spent. Plus, once you’ve made a purchase, you can add your thoughts to the masses so that your opinion can help someone else one day. If you do decide to check out somewhere that doesn’t have any reviews, you could also be the first one to have their say. That way, if anyone looks them up in the future, they will actually have someone’s opinion to go off. 

Work Out What Shoes to Wear 

You can deck yourself out in a fancy suit, but if you don’t finish it off with the right pair of shoes, your efforts could go to waste. This means picking out footwear that not only suits the style of your outfit but also goes with the colour. It’s best if your shoes are a similar palette to the main body of your outfit. So, if your blazer and trousers are black, your footwear should be too. However, if it’s cream-coloured, you can go for something like a lighter-brown. Essentially, you just want to avoid a colour that will stand out too much; otherwise, it will become the focal point of your outfit. As for the style, Oxford shoes are always a reliable option when trying to look smart. They’re the classic look that will show you mean business. If you want to push the boat out a little, you could opt for something a little less formal here. Most trainers are best to avoid because they’ll make the outfit too casual and could stand out for the wrong reasons. However, loafers may work and help stop your look from being too buttoned-up if that’s what you’re after.


Think About Accessories 

Many elements come together to create the perfect formal outfit. Obviously, the clothes themselves play a significant role, but they’re not the only parts that matter. How you accessorise your look can also make a big difference, sometimes even making or breaking the outfit you’ve put together. You want to be careful not to overdo it on the accessories, as this will be too distracting and may even make you look cheap. Instead, you want to prioritise one or two add-ons that suit your presentation and accentuate the look. A smart watch is always a great investment, as is a good tie or pocket square. Just make sure these pieces can stand out without being too garish. It’s tough finding a good balance, and you may have a few missteps before you walk the line perfectly. If you have to buy a couple of ties to get things right, though, it’s not going to hurt your bank account too much. 

Make Sure You’re Well Groomed 

The clothes and what you pair with them might be the most important part of your formal look, but they won’t be as impressive if the rest of you looks a bit of a state. Grooming is something that every man should prioritise, especially when trying to win people over. Not only does it make you appear less sloppy, but it can also help you to feel more confident in yourself. That mindset, combined with your attire, could really help you go far. If you’re not accustomed to having a male grooming routine, the thought of adopting one might be a little overwhelming. It shouldn’t, though, because there’s not a whole lot to it. All you really need to do is ensure that your facial hair is neat, and your skin is clean, which you can achieve by shaving often and using a few skincare products. As for your hair, you can wear it in whatever style you want. However, you should clean it regularly to keep it healthy and have it cut whenever you feel like it’s getting out of control.

If you stay on top of these three things, you’ll always look presentable from the neck up. That way, you just have to find the right clothes to suit your look, and you’ll be golden. Dressing to impress isn’t that tough to do once you know everything it entails. Hopefully, this guide has shown you what that involves, so you can go out there and find the formalwear that’s the perfect fit for you.

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