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Awesome Survival Gear for your Next Adventure

You might wonder why you need survival gear when you have already planned for everything. Well, the worst thing that could happen is finding yourself in a situation that you had not anticipated. Better still, you need specific essentials to help you deal with dangerous situations when out there in the world. You need just the right tools to help you get through the toughest of situations. To get ahead of such cases and appear prepared, here’s our list of top survival gear:

A Get Home Bag 

Ever heard of a get-out bag? Well, if you haven’t, they are related to get-home bags. Get home bags are designed to help you get home in one piece. Whether you’ve been involved in a riot, a strike, or any other known orchestrated catastrophes, you’ll have all your essentials packed to help you get home. Now, a get-home bag should be light, should blend with your immediate surroundings, and should fit most of your emergency items. A get-home bag should not be tactical, should not be oversized, and should not appear as expensive or fancy. Finding the best get home bags will not be easy as there are so many options out there. With so many brands out there, you’ll need all the help that you can get. There are a handful of guides that can greatly help you in getting just the right bag best suited for your needs. Here are some of the considerations to take into account when it comes to picking a get-home bag. They include: 

- Choose a bag that suits your body type 

- Some get-home bags are specific to gender 

- Consider durable materials 

- Ensure that the bag has compartments to fit your most essential items

A First Aid Kit 

The outdoor world is filled with lots of uncertainties. To ensure that you are prepared for any uncertainty, it is better to be pessimistic than optimistic. A first aid kit will come in handy to get ahead of a situation that might require you to step into an emergency room. Accidents that may require more than ordinary band-aids and paracetamol can happen while outside and not have the necessary supplies to deal with. In such cases, consider purchasing a first aid kit that is purposely made for the outdoors. Keep in touch with people by having ham radios by your side. You never know when a disaster will strike, so it’s best to be prepared. Ham radios allow users to connect to people several miles away, even without the internet or cellphone reception. It’s a lifeline. 

A Fire Building Kit 

Unlike the television survivor series, the outside world does not come with rules that prevent you from having a fire starting kit. Accessing a fire while on an outdoor expedition is an essential thing as it will not only keep you warm, cook food and boil water but also protect you from predators. There are many fire-starting kits available in the market. To ensure you are prepared for your next outdoors adventure, get the most suitable equipment according to your experience. The easier to make fire, the more fun your trip will be.

Compass And Map 

Unless you intend to camp in your backyard, a map and compass are the two most essential items you require for a successful adventure. You might be familiar with an area and be set off the rail by a missing tree trunk. Consider acquiring a map to avoid such situations that might have you lost in the wild, susceptible to danger and fear. A properly working compass will also ensure that you navigate easily through your adventure with the help of the map. If you do not know how to use a compass, ask for help from a tour guide or search online for tutorials. 


Building an igloo is not an easy task, even for the most experienced campers. You also do not need to use half of your weekend building an igloo, while you could spend that time exploring or engaging in a fun activity. A tarp becomes vital in ensuring convenience in such a situation. Invest in a high-quality tarp that will keep you protected from extreme weather.

A Space Blanket 

In extreme weather conditions, a fire, however big, can seem insufficient. Consider buying a space blanket to ensure that your trip is successful and that you do not end up in an emergency room. This blanket will ensure that your body retains heat even when the temperatures go low. The space blanket works to keep you warm and as a survival tool to cook with the sun's rays or even as a tarp. 

The survival gear listed above will help you navigate the harshest of conditions, ensuring your adventure is successful. It would also help if you also asked friends for recommendations or checked the internet for more ideas.

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