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The Best Smart Vibrators to Spice up your Sex Life

Is your sex life becoming stale? Has sex become more of a routine than the passionate romp it once was? Keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship can be hard but just because the honeymoon period is over doesn’t mean you can’t reignite that spark and bring back the excitement into the bedroom. Simply introducing something new into the bedroom like a vibrator can help increase your excitement and anticipation as you explore each other together. Sex toy brand MysteryVibe makes some of the world’s best and most advanced vibrators whether you’re using them alone or with a partner. Their award-winning smart vibrators give you plenty of ways to ignite your imagination and discover each other in new exciting ways. You’ll absolutely relish the adjustable features, from their adaptable design to their customisable vibration patterns for sensations in all the right places regardless of how you use them. Whether you’re stuck in a rut or struggling to tell your partner what you really want in bed, prepare for a hot and heavy summer with these body adaptable vibrators designed to suit all tastes and desires. Revolutionise your sex life and feel closer than ever, while revelling in climactic bliss all at the same time!

Crescendo - The Award-Winning Bendable Vibrator 

The one vibrator you won’t get bored of, Crescendo bends to your every desire. Entirely flexible, Crescendo bends to suit your body making it the ultimate vibrator for discovery and exploration of all your partner’s erogenous zones. Infinite toys in one, you’ll have a different experience every time with Crescendo - spicing up your sex life for many months to come. Indulge in an intimate massage, use Crescendo for targeted vibrations or enjoy during penetrative sex for intensified sensations for you and your partner. Boasting 6 motors across every inch of Crescendo, reach, discover and arouse erogenous zones from G-spot to A-spot and hit all the right spots with your partner! Sync the vibrator with the free smartphone app to control remotely from up 30 feet away, as you fulfill every desire by taking control of your partner’s orgasm. You can choose between 12 pre-set vibration patterns and 16 levels of intensity as you discover unique modes of personal or mutual titillation. 

Save $70 on Crescendo at MysteryVibe

Tenuto - The Wearable Smart Vibrator for Men 

Sparks will be flying between the sheets with Tenuto - powered by 6 individual motors this vibrating penis ring will change your sex life. Intensify your intimacy as you feel the vibrations from penis to perineum, whilst simultaneously stimulating your partner’s labia and clitoris for the ultimate couple climax. Tenuto’s adaptable hold makes it comfortable to wear during intercourse and can fit nearly any size, maintaining your arousal for a harder, longer erection during solo or partnered play. Fulfill your wildest desires as your partner strokes your penis with extra sensations and experiment with different sensations using the MysteryVibe app by creating your own vibration patterns for a more personal approach to pleasure. 

Save $60 on Tenuto at MysteryVibe

Poco - The Bendable G-Spot Smart Vibrator 

Compact, smart, discrete, Poco is MysteryVibes latest innovation - the bendable G-spot vibrator you’ve been waiting for. Designed to mimic your fingers, target your vibrations exactly where you want them, and hit your partner’s G-spot over and over again. Poco’s bendable design allows you to directly pinpoint where you want those good vibrations for orgasms your partner most desires. Poco features 2 motors, 16 intensity levels, and 8 pre-set patterns (with even more available through the adjoining free app). It’s also USB rechargeable, water-resistant (for fun in the shower), body-safe, and wildly effective. 

Save $60 on Poco at MysteryVibe

If you’ve been curious about sex toys, but hesitant to take the plunge, MysteryVibe makes for the ideal entry point. With sex toys to suit all tastes and desires, these smart vibrators will be spicing up your sex life from the minute they enter the bedroom. Save up to $70 in MysteryVibe’s Independence Day sale from now until 13th July and reignite that spark.


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