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Essential Tools that Every Cigar Lover Should Have

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to smoking cigars or have smoked them for years because there are certain things you’ll need to make the experience smoother. Any seasoned cigar smoker will know that having the right tools will make all the difference to the quality of smoking as well as the ease of doing it. With this in mind, here are some essential tools we consider ideal for any cigar-loving connoisseur.

Cigar Cutter 

One of the first things any cigar smoker will need to do is take off the tip of the cigar before they light it. Scissors or knives are no good because they won’t provide a clean-cut and could potentially ruin your cigar. What you need is a dedicated tool for cutting the cigar, which is known as... yes, you’ve guessed it: a cigar cutter. Perhaps this is one of the most important cigar accessories as it provides a clean and even cut which allows the smoker to have an even smoke and clean draw. You can get these in any size or shape to suit your needs or preference, such as a guillotine, punch, or v-cutter. They are typically pocket-sized, meaning you can take it about with you in your pocket, which is a definite win.

Cigar Lighter 

Believe it or not, the type of lighter can also impact the flavours of the cigar that you ingest, so this also requires some consideration. Just like the type of cigar cutter you opt for will affect the quality of your cigar, your lighter affects the quality of your smoke. A lot of cigar smokers are of the opinion that the disposable lighter, whilst great in an emergency, is not the best lighter for a cigar. In fact, most say that a gas or butane-filled lighter is better equipped to light a cigar. For instance, a jet lighter will provide an even smoke by the way it lights up a cigar, whereas a butane lighter is not only filtered, it’s refined and odourless, meaning it won’t alter the flavour profile of your cigar. 


Smoking a cigar is a luxurious experience; one that should take time to be enjoyed. Having an ashtray is a great way to not only keep your ash in one safe and tidy place, but it’s also a good resting place for your cigar when, or if, you want to take a break from smoking it. Unlike cigarettes that are smoked at once, a cigar smoker will take their time smoking a cigar. This allows the cigar to cool down and maintain an even burn, especially when it isn’t continuously smoked until it’s gone. Of course, any ashtray is better than no ashtray, but having an ashtray that’s made for a cigar smoker in mind will mean that there are special groves in the border of the ashtray in which the cigar can be placed to prevent them from movement.


For anyone that has several cigars, you’ll seriously want to consider having a humidor to store them in so that they taste as good as the first one you smoked. This handy item becomes even more important for a cigar smoker that is collecting cigars. This is because cigars require a specific level of humidity to remain fresh, otherwise, they’ll eventually dry out and crack, making it difficult for you to smoke them if you’re able to. There are many types available, with some even having their own hygrometer to measure humidity levels. The cost of decent cigars will soon add up, so it makes sense to protect your investment, especially if you plan to smoke them at some point in the future. 

Travel Case 

If you’re a regular cigar smoker, chances are that anytime away from your home will also involve your cigars. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a travel case. The type you purchase will dictate how many cigars you can take away with you, although it’s fair to say the larger your travel case, the more you can bring with you. You may even want to consider a travel size humidor if you happen to be away a lot, to bring your cigars with you in storage that’ll be keeping them in tip-top condition.

Cigar smoking is an acquired taste, and those that do partake in smoking cigars automatically become part of an exclusive group in society. Cigar smoking has stood the test of time and shows no sign of decreasing. For those of you that are already smoking cigars, making sure you have the best accessories to enhance the quality of your smoke, making it a truly enjoyable experience.


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