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7 New Ways to Wear Men's Chinos in 2021

Since their introduction to the fashion world, many people still find themselves a little confused as to which trousers actually constitute chinos. What exactly are they? Well, in a nutshell: chinos are lightweight men’s trousers that are neither formal nor informal and are often simply styled. It might help to think of chinos as the garment that bridges the gap between business wear and casual wear - meaning they really can be worn to (almost) any occasion. Mostly made from cotton, it’s this material that gives chinos their lightweight feel and naturally refined look. When it comes to the cut of chinos, there’s a lot of choice too, so you can choose a style that’s perfect for you - whether you’re after classic, slim, or even skinny. But what about how to wear chinos casually? And where should we be buying them from? We have the answers with this quick guide on 7 new ways to wear men’s chinos in 2021.

1. Chinos and a t-shirt 

A classic look that’s super easy to achieve, the chinos/t-shirt combination is a solid go-to look that oozes simplistic style. Choose any colour chino and wear with a simple white or black t-shirt, paired with a fresh pair of white trainers, just like this look below from Dockers. The perfect summer style!


2. Chinos with a bomber jacket 

Ah the typical British weather… Considering it’s nearly the beginning of summer, it’s still jacket weather out there! So why not try pairing your chinos with a casual bomber jacket? The bomber is super versatile and looks great with either a light knit underneath or a laid-back t-shirt.

Alviero Matin
Alviero Matin

3. Chinos with a Work Jacket 

In a hurry? This calls for the trusty old t-shirt, chinos and jacket combination. We particularly love the look of blue chinos and a black blazer - or khaki coloured chinos with a grey/blue jacket and a white t-shirt. Simple, stylish, and smart - it’s the perfect business-casual approved look for work too.


4. Chinos that fit perfectly 

Getting the fit right is essential for all of you chino wearers out there. The fit you choose can often be dependent on where you’re going too. For example, formal occasions call for mid-weight cotton chinos, that look like they could be part of a suit outfit. You’ll want a pair that sits snuggly on the hip, with the identical rise and length of a trouser. Ultimately, the way your chinos should fit is dependent on your own personal preference and trends of the time, so there is quite literally no “one size all” approach here. The best way to get the fit that suits you is to try on a whole bunch of styles. Take a friend with you for advice if you really can’t decide! If you can’t get into a store though, then take a look at the Dockers website, where they have every fit and style of chino you could ever imagine. 

5. Coloured chinos 

Though dark green is the colour most associated with the original chinos, summer could be the perfect time to expand your colour horizons. On the whole, to achieve the most ‘timeless’ look it’s probably better to stick to classic shades, such as sandy neutrals, grey, black, navy, and white. These are all great options when it comes to versatility. However, injecting a pop of colour into your wardrobes through your chinos can also be a great way to embrace the summer style. Why not try a bold option, such as a pair of red chinos teamed with a striped top? 

6. Workwear chinos 

Workwear chinos are mostly made from more long-lasting and durable fabrics that really stand the test of time. Although similar to jeans, chinos are recognised for having a much more relaxed fit, with a somewhat ‘vintage Americana’ look. When styling workwear chinos, think about pairing them with a denim jacket, flannel plaid shirts, or a Chambray-type shirt. 

7. Chinos and your shoes 

If you’re wearing a smart pair of chinos and have a more formal event to go to, then wearing brogues or Oxford-style shoes are the perfect match. You can also team them with a smart pair of loafers too. If it’s a more everyday look you’re going for, then team them with a pair of clean white trainers to achieve a vibe that’s casual and cool.


Why should you shop sustainably when buying chinos? 

Luckily, these days there are a lot of sustainable clothing brands that make great quality, stylish chinos, and also happen to take ethical issues seriously. With a growing consumer concern of just exactly what we’re wearing and where our clothes are coming from, it’s little wonder that many men’s clothing brands have really stepped up their game when it comes to transparency surrounding their sustainability efforts. Chinos have traditionally been designed to be long-lasting and made without waste, so it makes perfect sense to select your new chinos from a brand that upholds these same sentiments. And you won’t have to look far to find great quality chinos that are environmentally friendly. Menswear brands such as Dockers are really leading the way when it comes to sustainability in men’s fashion - producing whole collections that are driven by sustainability and style in equal measure. Check out their WaterLess clothing drop, which includes a selection of chinos that have been designed to save on water consumption during the manufacturing process. So far, the brand has saved more than a staggering 3 billion litres of water already. So, there you have it, our quick guide on what to team your chinos in 2021. Remember that with chinos, simplicity is the key to a great look here. Don’t overcomplicate things by overthinking your outfit and accessorising too much. Just keep it simple and trust us - the style will come naturally.

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