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A Story of Sustainably Luxurious Gender Inclusive Fragrance

Fragrance smells different and unveils new stories on each and every skin, because just like fingerprints, our individual chemistry and sense of smell is entirely unique. Founder and Creative Director of STORIES Parfums, Tonya Kidd-Beggs portrays this dance of fragrance as an art form: "Just like painting, poetry, prose and music, scent can evoke powerful emotions, reignite memories and enable us to express deeply embedded narratives. I often liken perfumery to composing a beautiful piece of music: a balancing act of notes and accords aligned in perfect harmony, bringing pleasure, comfort and healing to our senses. Closely linked to memory and mood, what we smell has the ability to stir us, move us and immerse us in an instant." Luxuriously decadent and refined, STORIES Eau de Parfums were handcrafted using the very finest ingredients on the French Riviera in Grasse, each one an olfactory ode to the memories that have shaped founder Tonya’s life.


The collection includes two luxury Eau de Parfums: STORIES Nº.01 and STORIES Nº.02, with matching Hand & Body Washes and Lotions. STORIES Nº.01 tells the story of renewed hope and joy, sorrow transformed into beauty, darkness yielding to light, inspired by Tonya's personal journey of healing, discovery and joy. Uplifting citrus notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit & Orange Blossom, reassuring warmth of cedar wood, a delicate touch of Jasmine, Heliotrophe and Fig. The mystery of this fragrance is revealed in its blend of Amber, vibrant Sandalwood and hint of Vetiver. STORIES Nº.02 is an invitation to walk through the garden, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost. This blend opens with notes of Bulgarian rose, spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. Honey tobacco tones balance cedarwood at the heart of this woody fragrance. Opopanax, tonka bean and patchouli enhance the full-bodied perfume, while amber and musk leave a lasting impression.


The decadent hand and body products are designed to complement the two fragrances and embellish your scented story. Full of nourishing ingredients and gentle on skin, the washes and lotions are infused with a delicate veil of fragrance, allowing you to layer and lock the notes as you wish. 


Pioneering sustainability in perfumery has been woven into the narrative of STORIES Parfums since its launch in 2018. The multi award-winning brand was recently Highly Commended for Best Sustainable Packaging - Fragrance in the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards 2021. Quite the accolade for a luxury fragrance brand in its infancy. Engrained in the beautiful fragrances, sustainability infiltrates the very culture of this brand; every detail of its story is considered as it strives to be ethical and transparent in every element of the business. Passionate about sharing the provenance of its ingredients, it takes pride in using only the very finest quality materials.


Northern Ireland based Founder and Creative Director, Tonya Kidd-Beggs has positioned her brand as forerunner of the 'new niche': "Right from the concept of STORIES it was hugely important to me to create a luxury fragrance house that came from traditional perfumery methods and ancient craftsmanship, with the ethos of a thoroughly modern brand. At the very core of the brand I wanted to carry a deep respect for the planet we live on - to make sure that the place we call home does not simply survive but thrives. In defining the ‘new niche’ we proudly bring luxury and sustainability together in the world of fine fragrance, where we believe they can coexist in perfect harmony." A true sense of connectivity underlines STORIES Parfums' commitment to sustainability, including: 

- Manufacturing with the lightest carbon footprint 

- Labelling all bottles and boxes with raw paper 

- Using Zamak caps for the perfume bottles 

- Creating refillable, repurposable glass fragrance bottles. 


If you go back to the roots of perfumery, all fragrances were designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of gender. Separate masculine and feminine scents only evolved centuries later as a marketing construct. STORIES Parfums is an inclusive collection curated to be worn by those who appreciate fine fragrance. Tonya advises that we suspend any bias and engage with perfume on a deep level, considering how it makes us feel and what it reminds us of. Numbering rather than naming her Eau de Parfums, she invites us to experience them undistracted by packaging or marketing strategies associated with gender bias: "At STORIES Parfums we believe passionately in beauty without boundaries. Intuitive, inclusive and always accessible, we will never define our fragrances by gender or name; we will never tell your story for you." Passionate about connecting people to their own story - past, present and future - through the art of perfumery, Tonya encourages us to focus on emotional connection and wellbeing before the olfactory notes: "I founded STORIES Parfums as a testament to the power of fragrance in my own life, with the belief that the art of perfumery holds the key to unlock our stories. My story is just that, my story, but my hope is that my fragrances will be a gift to the wearer to connect to their own story, memories, and aspirations." 


"As we start to scale and expand the business, we have become more luxurious and more sustainable at the same time." While sustainability has always been a priority at STORIES Parfums, the brand constantly strives to further reduce its environmental impact, through a blend of established and new initiatives: 

- High quality rock paper product labels, made with calcium carbonate derived from 80% marble mining waste with recycled 20% HDPE - in keeping with the conventional recycling stream. 

- Eau de Parfum caps made from Zamak, a 100% recyclable heavy-touch, luxurious material. This highly resistant alloy is 100% infinitely reusable and does not lose any properties during the recycling process. Customers can receive a 10% discount on next purchase by returning their perfume cap and bottle, supporting STORIES' commitment to recycle, reduce and reuse. 

- Refillable, Reusable and Recyclable Glass Eau de Parfum bottles, supplied with a pipette for refilling at home. A 15ml and 30ml are the perfect size for on the go and can be refilled from the larger 100ml bottle. 

- A responsible purchasing policy, ensuring that suppliers have a strong commitment to environmental, social and societal issues, favouring the respect and promotion of human rights. Most of the raw material suppliers selected are ISO certified and often even ECOCERT certified, while plants suppliers are eco-friendly, following the harvesting guidelines for wild crafted plants. 

- Inspired by a love of its local and global environment, based on the spectacular coastline of Northern Ireland, with its breathtaking backdrop of lavish greenery, vast golden beaches and dramatic mountains. 

- A cruelty-free brand, none of the products or raw ingredients tested on animals or sold in countries requiring animal testing. 


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